20 Things You didn’t Know about the Trump Family

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Donald Trump has been in the spotlight for decades. Because of his wealth and celebrity, he is often in the news and on television. He has even made a few cameo appearances in films over the past couple decades. While Donald has always been a presence in the news, it wasn’t until he announced his candidacy for the President of the United States that his wife and his children started making headlines as well. Throughout his entire campaign, his older children have been in the spotlight, while his wife and youngest son thought it best to stay away from the rallies, the press, and most of the campaign. Most people know a lot about Donald Trump, but not too much about his family. If you want to know more about the whole Trump family, read on. You might end up learning a few things that you never knew.

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They Are a Huge Family

The Trump family is larger than you may think. Donald is married to Melania Trump, and the couple has one child together named Barron who is his youngest. Donald has four other children from previous marriages, Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric,are his children with Ivana Trump. He has another daughter named Tiffany, and her mother is Marla Maples. She is the woman that Donald had an affair with, which ended his marriage to Ivana. He was only married to Tiffany’s mother for 6 years. He also has 8 grandchildren and another one on the way. Birthdays and holidays in the Trump house sound like they could be a lot of fun and quite hectic.

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Tiffany Has a Very Active Social Life

Tiffany Trump is Donald’s second to the youngest child. She recently graduated from college, and she often hands out and parties with billionaire kids, including Andrew Warren, Kyra Kennedy, and Reya Benitez. She is often seen in photos on Instagram partying with her posse, wearing the most expensive designer clothes and jewelry. It must be really nice to be Tiffany Trump.

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His Sons are Hunters

Donald’s two oldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric are hunters. When they aren’t helping their father run his billion dollar corporation, they go hunting for sport. Most of the hunts are not very newsworthy, however, there was one that was very controversial. In 2012, his sons went on a big game hunt in Zimbabwe. They took a variety of photos of themselves with their kills, including an elephant, a kudu, a civet cat, and a waterbuck. The photo of the boys that stirred up the most trouble was of the boys holding a leopard that they recently killed. Animal rights activists were outraged at the photos. The boys defended themselves, saying that when they hunt they don’t waste. They stated that they gave the meat to the local villagers who were very grateful for the food that they were given. Regardless of their defense, there are many people who find their practices cruel and wasteful. Donald Jr. fought back offering to debate his side of the argument.

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Many of His Children Followed In His Collegiate Footsteps

Donald Trump Sr. went to the University of Pennsylvania and he earned his degree. Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Tiffany all followed in his footsteps and they got degrees from the school as well. Only two of his children didn’t attend the school. His son Eric chose a different path and his son Baron, who is only 10 years old, hasn’t started thinking about college yet. He hasn’t even reached junior high. Only time will tell if he will be the 4th Trump kid to attend the University of Pennsylvania.

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Barron Trump is a Young Version of His Father

Melania Trump, Donald’s wife has done several interviews over the past two years. In most of her interviews, the major topic is her pride and joy, her son with Donald, Barron. According to Melania, Barron is a mini version of Donald. She says that he enjoys wearing suits like his father. He also enjoys playing chess like Donald and the two often go golfing together. Like his father, he loves living in the penthouse of the Trump Towers on 5th Avenue. It is likely because he has an entire floor to himself. Melania refers to the floor as Barron’s living room. It is unclear how much stuff he has to fill an entire penthouse floor, however, we do know that he decorates his walls with airplanes and helicopters, and he will only sleep on crisp, white bedding.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City

Tiffany Keeps Busy

As mentioned above, Tiffany followed in her father’s footsteps and attended the University of Pennsylvania and she recently graduated. Most people would think that this would make Donald proud, however, he wasn’t as proud as you might think. In an interview, he says that while his is proud of Tiffany, he is not as proud of her as he is of her older brothers and sister. He says that the reason for this is that his older children have already gone out into the world and have accomplished things. He said that Tiffany just graduated from college and hasn’t done much yet to make him proud.

After graduation, Tiffany spent the summer traveling the world on her parent’s dime. She visited places like Greece and London and staying in her father’s hotels and even The Hamptons. When Tiffany was 17 years old, she tried to make her father proud again by becoming a pop star and recording an album. Unfortunately, the album didn’t do very well and most people had never heard it until her father started his campaign. Finally, Tiffany had an internship at Vogue magazine while she was still in college. She didn’t get the internship on her own, however, it was her sister Ivanka who secured the internship for her.

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Ivanka’s Modeling and Her Documentary

When Ivanka was a teenager, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a model. According to Donald Trump, he wasn’t completely supportive of her modeling. He said that it was a very fast paced life and he didn’t want Ivanka to get caught up in it and make mistakes that could affect her for the rest of her life. She didn’t listen to her father and she continued to model for a few years. In 2003, Ivanka was featured in a documentary called Born Rich. It was a documentary about her experience growing up in rich and being part of one of the most wealthy and well-known families in the world. After going to work with her father, she also became a New York Times best-selling author.


Donald Trump Jr. Has Never Submitted a Resume

Being the son of Donald Trump means that there are always a variety of jobs at your disposal. Currently, Donald Jr. is the Executive Vice President of development and acquisition for the Trump Organization. This is not a job that he had to go on several interviews to get. It was waiting for him after he graduated from college. When you are the son of such a powerful man, you have no reason to submit a resume anywhere, let alone even write one.

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Donald and Ivana’s Kids Grew Up With the Staff

It has been reported the Melania Trump does not have a nanny to help her care for her 10 year old son, Barron. She believes in being a hands-on parent. Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric didn’t have quite the same experience when they were children. According to reports, neither Donald or Ivana was present for much of the three children’s lives. They spent most of their time with nannies, security guards, and Ivana’s parents. For 6 months of the year, Ivana’s parents lived with the family to help take care of the kids. According to Eric, his older brother Donald Jr also helped raise him and he was his mentor. The kids all say that they love their father and they appreciate him, but he worked 24 hours a day.


Donald Jr Took a Year Off to Party

Donald Trump Jr graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania just like his father. After graduation, he took a year off and he lived in Aspen, Colorado, where he spent most of the year partying on his father’s dime. After leaving Colorado, he started working for his father. According to Donald Jr, taking this time off was the best thing that he could have done. It helped him get his wild ways out and put them behind him so that he could focus on having a career and a family. Today, he has a very important position at his father’s company and he is married to fashion model, Vanessa Haydon. The couple have 5 children together.

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Ivanka Converted to Judaism

This is something that many people don’t know and it wasn’t discussed too often during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. After meeting her husband, she converted to Judaism. In 2009, after she converted, she changed to Yael, which clearly, she doesn’t use today. Ivanka, her husband, and her three children live a Kosher lifestyle.

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Ivanka and Eric Couldn’t Vote in the New York Primary

The New York Primary election caused a great deal of embarrassment for the Trump family. When it came time to vote, Ivanka and Eric couldn’t vote for their father because they weren’t registered. To save face, they told Anderson Cooper that New York has strict rules in terms of registering to vote, and they were informed that they should have registered way in advance if they were going to be allowed to vote in the primary election. You can be sure that all of Donald Trump’s kids were registered to vote in the Presidential Election, except Barron who is still too young.

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Donald Trump Introduced His Son To His Wife

In 2003, Donald Sr and Donald Jr were at a fashion show during Fashion Week. Donald saw Vanessa Haydon there and introduced himself and then introduced his son. Five minutes later, he walked by Vanessa again and introduced her to his son again. A few months later, Donald Jr ran into Vanessa at a party for a mutual friend and they started talking. In 2005, the couple was married. Today, they have 5 children together.


Ivanka Has a Clothing Line

Not only was Ivanka Trump a fashion model, and author, and a business woman, she also has her own fashion line. Unfortunately, her line took a hit in October 2016 when women began boycotting Ivanka’s clothing line and the stores that sold it. After hearing the harsh words about women that came from Donald Trump and the many sexual assault allegations against him, women couldn’t believe that Ivanka was supporting him and they decided to stop buying and wearing her clothes.

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Eric Trump is a Married Man

Eric Trump has been married to his wife, Lara Yunaska for over a decade. He is an associate producer for the CBS new program, Inside Edition. According to Lara, Eric’s proposal was perfect. They were walking her mini beagle when Eric got down on one knee and presented her with a ring from his sister, Ivanka’s fine jewelry collection. Two weeks before her wedding, Lara broke both of her wrists in a horseback riding accident. Even with the casts on her wrists, she still looked beautiful at her wedding.

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Tiffany is a Socialite

Tiffany Trump was not very well known when her father first announced that he was going to be running for President of the United States. After a while, she emerged and announced her support for her father. During that time, her mother, Marla Maples introduced her to the Hamptons party scene. Since then, Tiffany has been recognized by Page Six as a “rising young star on the New York social scene.” While she loves to party, she is serious. After being asked to model several times, Tiffany declined saying that she wants to do something in business or in law.

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Donald Jr and Ivanka Made Eric Cool

According to Eric, he was the youngest and the shiest kid growing up. He said that Donald Jr was his mentor and made him feel more confident and Ivanka taught him to shop, to dress, and made him cool.

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Tiffany and Donald Sr Weren’t Close

After Donald Sr and Marla Maples got divorced, Tiffany rarely ever saw her father. According to Marla, she would take Tiffany to New York City twice a year to have dinner with her father. That was the extent of their relationship.

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Barron is a Natural Athlete

Barron loves sports ad he excels at them. He plays baseball after school and he also takes tennis lessons.

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Many People in NYC Want the Trumps to Leave

After Donald Sr leaves for Washington, he is going to leave Melania and Barron behind in New York. This will cost the people of New York over $1 million in security and protection costs. Recently, a petition was signed by over 100,000 people to get them out of New York or at least to refuse to pay for their security detail.


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