The Things We Learn As We Age

I’ll be 29 in a month, and I’m upset about it. I’d rather be 30. Seriously; I’m not even close to joking. I am so ready to grow old, and even with the inevitable changes that come with menopause, I occasionally have to remind myself to enjoy this age, because it will be over soon. I’m not old, but as I’ve gotten older, embracing the journey, including the complexities of menopause, I’ve learned a lot. For one, I get smarter as I age. I learn more, I’m happier with myself, I find myself much more attractive at this age than I did when I was 20, and I love the idea of maturing.

See, growing older, with its unique experiences like menopause, isn’t something to fear; it’s something to embrace. Once you realize how great growing older is, including the wisdom gained through experiences like menopause, you might start to look at your birthdays with a little more enthusiasm.

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Here are a few of the best things as we age.

You Become Happier

With age comes a feeling of contentment. You no longer have to spend your life wondering, “What if…” because you’ll already know. When you were younger you wondered if you’d ever find the love of your life, if you’d have kids, if you’d be a good parent, if your career would take off, if you’d ever be happy. Well, now you know. Or at least you will when you get a little older.

You’ll Make Better Decisions

We make a lot of mistakes in life, and we learn a lot from them. As we get older, we learn to recognize patterns in our decision making from the course of our entire life, and we are able to make faster, better decisions based on that knowledge.

You Can Wear Socks With Sandals

Well, technically you can, but that doesn’t mean you should. However, as you age, you realize that the fashion police care a little less about you than they used to. You can wear whatever you want and people will stop judging you for it (this does not mean you can stop bathing, brushing your hair, or start wearing clothes that look like they belong on a 12-year-old).

You Find Out Who You Really Are

When you grow old, you can look back and realize exactly who you are and who you were, and you’ll love it. It’s so much easier to see things looking back than it is when you’re in the moment. If you feel you don’t know who you are right now, don’t worry; you will.

You Have More Time

Ironically, you have more time as you get older. You have fewer demands, you can sit back and enjoy life, and you can finally take the time to relax and just enjoy yourself.


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