The Personality Trait That Helps You Get Things Done

Being nice is good, but it isn’t always the best mood to be in. Sometimes you have to be a a little feisty to get things done, and that’s okay. Sometimes it means that people will respect you a little more and they will stop walking all over you. Being too nice all the time makes people like you, but they’ll also view you as a doormat. You have to learn how to be just annoying enough without being too much of one to get what you want.

Check Your Tone

If you are too generic about your requests, on one will take you seriously. However, if your are too rude about them and cause a scene, people will dislike you. The next time you need someone to do something, simply tell them in a firm and businesslike tone of voice. Sounding no nonsense and direct will have people doing what they’re supposed to be doing in a matter of seconds.

Tell People Exactly What You Want

If you expect your husband, children, or employees to pull their weight and do the jobs that you set up for them, you have to tell them exactly what to do and exactly what is expected of them. Telling them you wish they’d work harder and get more accomplished doesn’t tell them anything; and they will ignore your requests. Screaming at them will make them defensive. The best way to get your point across and be just annoying enough about what you want to make them do it without asking any questions is simply to tell them what you want done and when it needs to be finished. Don’t leave them any other options.

Stick to It

When you want something done right and people aren’t doing it, you have to stick to it. Don’t give in, and don’t cause a scene. Simply state your case in an authoritative tone and demand answers as to why things aren’t being done to your standards.


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