The People Person: 3 Ways To Be More Outgoing

Some people just aren’t people, people (are you picking up what I’m putting down?). Some people might be the nicest people in the world, but they just aren’t a people person. Perhaps that some just genuinely do not like others, and perhaps some have simply forgotten how to interact with others in the digital age of communicating without actually speaking to others (being a work-from-home mom with two small kids with a job writing and not actually speaking to anyone who doesn’t quote Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for 10 hours a day might have turned me into less of a people person, for example). If you aren’t a people person these days, here are three easy tips for helping you to become just a little more outgoing.

Smile First

Even if you are shy, people may not notice it so much if you make the first move when it comes to smiling. All others will see is that you are a welcoming, open person. They’ll instantly like you and want to get to know a little more about you.

Ask Interesting Questions

Instead of asking the same old tried and true – and boring – questions, find a unique and interesting way to ask questions that spark a conversation. For example, if you like someone’s necklace and it reminds you of something you saw in a marketplace in Barcelona last year, ask her where she got it. Maybe she’s been to the same marketplace and you’ll have something in common. Maybe she bought it in Bali when she got engaged. Either way, you now have something in common to talk about that’s far more interesting than the stock market.

Get Uncomfortable

Don’t just talk to people who look like you or look like your friends. Try being more of a people person by speaking to people who you might not ordinarily talk to. Do you always ignore the best dressed woman in the room because she looks like she might be stuck up or the man with all the tattoos because you’re afraid of him? Guess what? Chances are, they’re two of the nicest people you’ve ever met.


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