The People In Your Life Should Do These Things

You’ve likely heard that you become a lot like the three or four people (or is it five?) you spend the most time with. This is not something you should take lightly because it is the truth. If you find yourself in a place in which you are not happy with your life, in which you think changes are necessary or you find yourself questioning yourself, your decisions and your life, you might need to consider looking at the people in your life. If they don’t do at least one of the following, they have to go.

Love You

Would the people in your life drop everything in an instant to help you in your time of need? Do they tell you they love you and prove it every single day with their actions? The people in your life need to love you. You need them to love you because when they do, you begin to see yourself through their eyes and if it’s not love, it’s not helpful.

Inspire You

Do the people you spend time with inspire you to be a better person? Do you feel inspired to be a better wife or mother or friend or daughter when you’re with a certain friend? Do you feel inspired to become more successful or to follow your dreams or to try new things when you’re with the people you love? If not, why are you with them?

Encourage You

Real friends and loved ones will encourage you in any way. They’ll encourage you when you’re successful, when you’re down, when you’re happy and when you’re sad. They’ll encourage you at all times because that’s what good friends and good family do for one another. If your friends and family don’t encourage you, or inspire you or love you; they’re not your real friends.


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