The Impressions Your Facebook Page Gives Strangers

You know that first impressions are pretty important, which is why you do your best to maintain a good one when you meet someone for the first time at a social gathering, meeting or anywhere else. You know to dress well, to maintain eye contact and to offer a firm but friendly handshake. However, did you know that your Facebook profile can give people the wrong impression? If you’re trying to convey the right image, you need to know that what you put on your Facebook page can have a big impact on people’s impressions of you.

Your Profile Picture

Unless you are a teenager or a college student – and even then it’s questionable – your profile picture should not consist of an up close of your face with enough angle to see down your shirt, the “duck” face, a public restroom mirror picture or you wearing/holding/displaying any sort of inappropriate items. These pictures give people the impression you are either immature, classless and unprofessional. According to a survey of professionals, these kinds of pictures lead to bad impressions.

Constantly Uploading the Same Photo of You

When you make it a habit to upload multiple photos of yourself everyday or multiple times a week posing in the bathroom mirror, up close in the car and captioning said photos with “I look ugly today,” “driving to work,” “smiling because I’m happy,” “new shirt,” or anything else that tries to give purpose for the picture, it’s not good. The impression you give people is that you want attention and you want it now. It screams, “I’m insecure and I want compliments now!”

These Statuses

This might come across as offensive to some, but when you make a post Monday about not receiving your food stamps or welfare or child support on time so that you can buy your groceries or pay your rent and then post the next day about your brand new iPhone and your brand new luxury car, you’re not leaving people with a very good impression. Just saying.


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