The Annoying Habits He Secretly Likes

All my single ladies, and all my married ladies, engaged ladies, and committed ladies; it’s no secret that men find our mysterious girly habits annoying. They don’t get why we have to call our girlfriends the second we run into their ex in the supermarket and spend 40 minutes discussing what his new girlfriend was wearing. They don’t get why we spend so much time on our hair, and they do not understand the subtle differences between the two dresses we just tried on and cannot decide which to wear. However, there are a few things that we do that guys secretly love. Read on to find out what they are.

He loves that you tease him. Even when he’s acting like it’s bothering him, he really likes. He particularly likes it when his friends are laughing, because it means they think you’re funny, which means they probably like you.

He doesn’t even hate it when you answer his calls but not his texts. He knows he should have just called in the first place, but he’s a lazy guy who’d rather just text.

He even secretly likes your high standards. He may grimace when you send your steak back for being too well-done, or your martini back for not being dirty enough. He likes that you know what you like and that you stick to your standards.

His dog is his best friend, and he kind of likes the fact that you’ve managed to make his dog like you better than the dog likes him. Dogs have good intuition.

He doesn’t hate hearing you turn down his invitations. Of course, he’d much rather you said yes, but he likes that you aren’t willing to forgo your work commitments, friend commitments, or volunteer commitments just to be with him. He likes that you have your own life and that you live it.


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