Ten Types of People on Facebook To Avoid at All Costs


We all know about the many kinds of people on Facebook. There are the moms and dads who can’t post enough photos of their kids (me) and there are the people who ‘vague-book’ everything (I’m just so upset…) and there are the people that are SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy and perfect all the time. There are so many people on Facebook, and while some of them are beyond annoying and some of them are bearable and some are only occasionally irritating, there are some people you should actively avoid at all costs. Why? Because these are people with whom you want nothing to do. We’re not talking about the kind of people you might expect, either. We are talking about a broad array of people with whom you should completely eliminate and deny contact because they are up to no good, they’re bad for you and they’re toxic – some might even be dangerous. Don’t know who you should avoid at all costs on Facebook? Let us give you a list.

The Perfect Person

None of us actively like to post about our flaws and insecurities and imperfections, but that’s not the person we are talking about. We are talking about the person who clearly edits every single photo posted, the person who never has a bad day, and the person who is absolutely perfect in every single way. This person never posts anything less than 100% perfect at all times – and that person is going to make you feel badly about your own life every single time. So delete him/her and move on.

The Constant Re-Post This or Else…

This person is someone that’s just going to annoy you to an extent you can’t describe, so just go ahead and ignore that person. It’s a little annoying to go through the feed on your page and see people telling you that if you don’t repost something they are going to delete you or that if you don’t do this then bad things are going to happen in your life.

The Controversial Poster

This is the person who carefully thinks about what they want to post so that they can create drama and debate. This is the person that wants people to fight and argue and not get along. This is the person people really do not like – and for good reason. This is the person you don’t want anything to do with. Just move on from the bait and stay out of the fight. It’s not worth your time and effort.

The Ex

There is very little reason for anyone to become friendly with an ex that wants to be friendly. There is nothing wrong with two people who didn’t work out to be friends on Facebook, but not if one of those people is always sending private messages, looking to relive the past and looking to cause trouble where trouble is not welcome. You’ll recognize this person right away and then you will avoid this person like the plague.


This is one some will agree with and others will not. But at the end of the day, we think that no good comes from being friends with coworkers. You might think that you are friends, but the first time a promotion is on the line, those things that you keep from your boss might become a bargaining tool for coworkers also looking to take the same position. You might be very careful to keep your private life private, but sharing any details with coworkers online is a bad idea. Even if you think it’s hidden from them, it’s always available.


We shouldn’t even need to tell you that you should not be friends with your boss on Facebook. It should be one of those things that need no further explanation, but it seems that many people actually choose to believe that they can be friendly with bosses. You might have a great relationship with the person in charge, but it’s not good enough. There is no reason you should be friendly with people in charge of your career and future. Just don’t do it.

People You Don’t Know

If you don’t know them, don’t be friendly with them. We already know that anyone can put a picture on an account and pretend to be anyone they are not. So the moral of the story is that if you do not know someone, do not be their friend. Chances are that these people are just looking to up their friend count to look more popular (I mean, it’s pointless, but people don’t get that) but you never know and you should not take that chance.

People without Photos

If someone does not have photos, do not be their friend. It’s a big no-no. Even if that person is someone with whom you went to high school or college, don’t friend them. If they don’t have photos, it might not be them. It might be someone who picked a random name of someone they know you know so that you can be friendly with them while they stalk you or use your profile to gain access to your personal life.

The Woe is Me Friend

Life is awful, why doesn’t anything ever go my way? I don’t understand why the entire universe and world is completely against me, it’s just not fair. This person is MISERABLE. And you do not need that kind of negativity in your life. Even if you think their negativity does not affect you, it does. It affects you because they are in your life and they are negative, and you don’t need to see that kind of stuff.

The Over-Sharer

We love things that are fun and funny and beautiful, but we don’t love things that are a bit too much. We don’t love photos of things that belong in the trash or toilet, things that are creepy, and we certainly do not want to hear the intimate details of your latest fight with your spouse. Some people cannot grasp the concept that the internet is not their diary and they share too much. Don’t friend this person.

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