Unleashing the Truth About iPhone Screen Repair

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Few moments in your life will upset you as much as seeing the screen on your iPhone shatter. Unfortunately, it happens. You drop it one too many times. You take the protective case off once to clean it and the kids find your phone and suddenly it’s being used as a missile in a launch attack against Barbie and Ken and their vacation beach home paradise, and your screen is shot. What are you to do? You can’t read your text messages, scroll through Facebook or see who re-tweeted you, and life as you know it seems to have ended. This is where the truth about iphone repair comes in handy.

Screen Repair Options

You can do one of four things when it comes to repairing your iPhone screen. You can take it to Apple and spend about $199 to have it fixed. You can use a 3rd party vendor to get an iphone screen replacement and save a little money, spending anywhere between $100 and $150. You can buy a fix-it-yourself kit online and do it yourself anywhere from $12 to $65, or you can see if you have an available upgrade and buy a completely new iPhone just in time for a  new one to be announced, making yours – once again – obsolete.

Repairing Your Own Screen

The truth about screen repair is that doing it yourself is far more effective and wallet-friendly than allowing someone else to professionally do it. All you need is a kit, which you can buy from iFixit or Amazon. You might think that the iFixit repair kit is better simply because it costs $65 and must have something the $12 Amazon kit does not contain, but after being purchased and tested, the Amazon iPhone screen fix it kit is the recommended kit.

The truth about iPhone screen repair? It’s a simple fix you can do yourself at home for a mere $12.

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