The Top 10 Smart Phones for New Parents


Smart phones do everything. As a new parent, you need something that does everything. From something to keep you entertained during late night feedings to something to keep you entertained during daytime feedings to something to help you look up information as to why your baby suddenly won’t burp, you need the best smart phone on the market. Read on to find out which smart phones are the 10 best for new parents.


Apple iPhone 5s

Don’t tell me you’re surprised to see this one at the top of the list. This is the best phone on the market – I should know, I have it – and it’s great for new parents. Again, I should know, I’m about to give birth to twins and I have two little ones at home already. The fingerprint technology, the availability of apps, the fast internet and the sheer lightness of this phone make it easy to use and easy to hold when my hands are otherwise occupied with baby items.

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Google Debuts Its Nexus One Cell Phone

Google Nexus 5

It runs on the latest Android technology, making it a great phone to have. It’s light and simple to use, comes with a sharp display and it’s affordable. A brand new one is priced at only $350, which makes it half the price as a new iPhone.

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Those who have it swear by it. Its quick internet speed and capabilities allows you to download the newest and best baby mama apps available. You can keep track of feedings, diaper changes and even watch television when you’re stuck in the nursery nursing on this phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This is another affordable phone, which is great for new parents. It’s $300, which makes it feel like much less of a splurge. What’s great about this phone for new parents is the long battery life and its S-Pen.

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Apple iPhone 5c

Who doesn’t love an Apple product? It has a longer battery life than the 4 and 4s, it’s not too different from the iPhone 5 and it’s got a great 1.2 megapixel FaceTime camera. Now your family from all over the country can see your new cutie up close and personal and with great resolution.

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Samsung Galaxy S4

It’s an Android product, which means it’s great for downloading apps and working correctly. It’s great for a new mom or dad because it has one of the best cameras on the market. And what’s more important than a great camera with a new baby in the house?

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LG Electronics Optimus G Pro

I admit; before I became addicted to the iPhone upon its introduction, I was an LG lover all the way. I never had issues with any of my LG phones and this is a great one for new parents. It’s thin, which makes it easy to carry. It’s best feature is the fact that it’s a tablet/smart phone, which enables new parents to do even more than ever before.

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Moto X Launch Event

Motorola Moto X

While it’s not the most cutting edge smart phone on the market, it’s a great tablet phone. It has a great design that makes using it simple and touchless controls are perfect for a new parent with limited movement.

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Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia…it takes me back to my days as a teenager with my first phone. One the size of a small VW. Fortunately, this new phone is a bit more tech-savvy and current; and it’s great for new parents. The camera is stellar, which makes it perfect for photos of your gorgeous new little one. However, beware that it doesn’t have as much storage capacity as other phones, which means you’ll want to back up and store your photos ASAP so you always have room for more.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II

It’s big and a little difficult to hold with a new baby in your arms, but it has a good camera, an easy to use stylus and one of the longest lasting batteries on the market. It’s also equipped with Android 4.1, which makes it even more user friendly.


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