Three Ways Facebook is Good for You


Everywhere you turn people have something to say about the negativity that Facebook has to bring into your life. It causes jealousy, it causes you to do things you’d never do, it’s a gross waste of time and productivity. Facebook is a lot of things, including not so bad for you. Believe it or not, Facebook can actually benefit you in several ways. Read on to find out exactly how Facebook can help you.

Confidence Booster

You know what I’m talking about and so do the experts. In fact, according to a recent study, spending three minutes perusing your Facebook page can actually cause you to feel an increase in confidence you didn’t have before logging on. Perhaps it’s all the complaints from others about their sad lives, their horrible jobs, their awful bosses, their marital issues, their children’s issues or their petty arguing. Seeing the negatives others like to post can make you feel pretty good about yourself and your own life.

Your Health

If you join a weight loss or exercise group on Facebook, you’re going to actually lose more weight and find more success than working out and dieting by yourself. This is probably because you’re being held accountable for your work outs and your eating habits. You have to show off pictures of your progress and become involved in challenges and activities with others. It’s actually a great idea to involve yourself in something of this nature.

Stress Buster

Some research shows that spending 10 minutes on Facebook reading posts, articles and updating your status can cause you to feel some stress relief. It can significantly lower your stress level by decreasing your heart rate and lowering your level of tension. This can lead to fewer muscle aches and a happier overall state of mind for you.

(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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