Three Apps That Improve Your Less than Perfect Photos


Taking a great photo is effortless for some women, and much less so for others. If you’re one of the many women who doesn’t take a great picture – or you just don’t think you take a great picture – there’s something you should know. It’s a secret that many women have been using for a while now, though none will readily admit it. Believe it or not, there’s an app for that. From making your eyes look bigger to thinning your face to creating a soft focus that will erase all your freckles and flaws, these apps will make you look great in any picture.


This is a free app on the iPhone that allows you to load a photo and fix it. What it does is allow you to change the focus and color of your skin. You can increase or decrease the “creaminess” of your skin until you’re happy with the way that it appears. For example, if you are shiny, have freckles or other imperfections, this will “creamify” your face so that none of those things appear in your photos. The effect is a soft one that makes your skin appear flawless – no matter how bad your skin may or may not be in real life.

Perfect 365

This beauty app allows you to upload a photo to fix by adjusting markers along your face. It can change the color of your complexion and even add specific makeup looks based on the location of each marker. It’s a little more in-depth than some of the other beauty apps because it takes some serious precision to place those markers in the correct places, but it does help to improve your complexion.

My Cam

This app also allows you to upload photos of yourself that need fixing. This one, however, goes the distance. It allows you to change the tone of your skin, the size of your eyes, the size of your face, the color of the photo and just about anything else.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)


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