Technology That Actually Simplifies Your Life


The purpose of technology is to simplify your life. Its job is to make your life run smoothly, efficiently and without as much stress. However, sometimes technology can make your life more complicated – think tablets your kids drop repeatedly and break or cell phones you can’t get your teenager off of to do anything productive. However, not all technology is distracting enough to be less than efficient. Try these great pieces of technology to make your life a little easier.

RCA Wall Plate

The RCA Wall Plate is great when you have too many gadgets to charge and not enough places to charge them. With this handy piece of tech, you can turn any of your outlets into not one, but two, USB charging ports as well as a standard outlet so that you can continue to charge or keep plugged in anything else you need. Even if you don’t need this at home, it’s a great investment piece for traveling. Hotel rooms never have enough outlets.

Basis Band

It looks like a watch. It tells time like a watch, but it’s not a watch. This band is designed to do everything you need it to do to keep track of your health. It’s great for keeping track of your daily exercise, your calorie intake, your heart rate and so much more. If you have to watch these things for health purposes, you’ll want to invest right away.

ThinQ Washing Machine LG

This is a great washing machine to have. Not only does it clean your laundry quickly and efficiently, it lets you know when and if you have a problem. It sends you messages after it troubleshoots your issues and lets you know what could be malfunctioning, what needs repair and even how to handle the problem yourself. It’s foolproof.

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