Social Networking Does Have its Benefits

We’ve all heard the many downfalls of social networking. We know that social networking sites such as Facebook have a way of making people feel depressed and unhappy, and social networking sites such as Twitter can cause arguments and fights between people who read too much into what others write. Social networking is supposed to be light-hearted and fun, not stressful. Fortunately, there are plenty of reasons you can benefit from social networking.


Social networking is all about the connection. It’s about the connection you make with long-lost friends and family, classmates, and coworkers. You’ll get to see how everyone turned out, share photos of your life with your friends and connect with people you never thought you’d see again. It’s one of the biggest benefits social networking has to offer.


Social networking serves as inspiration in many ways. Perhaps it inspires you to finally pursue your dreams after seeing how well that mindset worked for some of your old friends and family members. Perhaps it inspires you to redecorate your home after seeing what one of your friends did to hers or perhaps it inspires you to go back to school and further your education after seeing how someone on your Facebook page did the same and now makes a significant difference in the lives of sick children every day.


Of course, what is social media without the networking aspect of the job? On social media, you’re able to network with professionals in your own career field, in adjacent career fields, in your area and even in the city in which you’d love to find a new job and make your move. Professional networking is vital to the success of your career, and it’s a benefit that social networking provides to everyone. Take advantage of it.


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