15 Recommended Apple Watch Features

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Explore 15 essential Apple Watch features that elevate your daily experience. From advanced health monitoring to effortless connectivity, these functionalities are designed to enhance both convenience and efficiency. Ideal for new users and longtime fans, learn how to make the most of your smart companion.

Always-On Retina Display

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From the Series 5 onwards, Apple introduced the always-on display, so you can see the time or your latest notifications without a dramatic wrist flick. It is perfect for those moments when you are in a meeting or your hands are just full. This display not only shows the time and notifications without interaction but also helps conserve battery life.


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Got the Series 4 or newer? Except for the SE, they all come with an ECG app. It is like having a mini cardiologist on your wrist, checking your heart rhythm, and letting you know if something’s off. This app detects signs of atrial fibrillation, a serious form of irregular heartbeat that can increase the risk of stroke and heart failure.

Fall Detection

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Talk about a guardian angel! If you have a serious fall while wearing Series 4 or later, your watch does not just sit there; it automatically calls for help and sends your location to your emergency contacts if you do not move for about a minute. This feature is particularly valuable for seniors or those with health conditions.

Customizable Action Button (Ultra Model)

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The Apple Watch Ultra is a bit of a show-off with its customizable action button. Not on other models, this button lets you whip out your favorite apps, kick off a workout, or light up the flashlight, all without digging through menus. You can also use this button in coordination with Apple’s Shortcuts app to automate tasks.

Water Resistance and Diving Apps (Ultra Model)

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Dive into adventure with the Apple Watch Ultra. It is not just splash-proof but dive-ready up to 100 meters. Moreover, it turns into a dive computer with the right apps, making it a treasure for underwater explorers. The Apple Watch Ultra also features EN13319 certification, ensuring it meets the rigorous standards required for recreational diving accessories.

Noise Monitoring

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Since Series 4, these watches can monitor the noise around you and give you a heads-up if the decibel levels might be reaching ear-damaging heights. Super helpful if you find yourself often in noisy spots. This feature is designed to help protect your long-term hearing health by enabling you to actively manage exposure to harmful noise levels.

Family Setup

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This one is a family favorite. With watchOS 7 and up, you can set up watches for your kids or elderly family members who do not have an iPhone. It keeps everyone connected and safe without everyone needing a full-blown smartphone. This feature includes location tracking and parental controls, which provide peace of mind when your children or elderly relatives are away.

LTE Connectivity

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From the Series 3 on up, some models pack LTE connectivity. Imagine heading out without your phone but still being able to call, text, and stream music right from your wrist. It is perfect for the minimalists or anyone who hates lugging around their phones. LTE models allow you to stay connected even in the absence of your iPhone while ensuring connectivity.

Compass and Backtrack Function

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Outdoor buffs will love the built-in compass and backtrack function starting from the Series 5. Lost in the woods? Your watch will guide you back to where you started, which is pretty handy if you are prone to taking the road less traveled. The compass also displays elevation changes, adding an extra layer of navigation.

Temperature Sensing

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Introduced with Series 8, the temperature sensing feature tracks your skin temperature overnight, giving you clues about your health, like if you might be getting sick or, for women tracking fertility, when you might be ovulating. This capability is enhanced by algorithms that analyze temperature variations to detect patterns that could indicate fever or illness.

Siren (Ultra Model)

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The Apple Watch Ultra comes equipped with a loud 86-decibel siren. If you are lost or in danger, trigger the siren to help others find you. It is loud enough to make sure you are heard in an emergency. This feature can be crucial in alerting passersby or rescuers to your location in urgent situations.

Always-On Altimeter

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Starting with Series 6, the always-on altimeter keeps a close watch on your elevation in real time. It is a must-have for hikers and skiers, helping you keep track of how high or low you have gone. Continuous monitoring is particularly useful for activities involving significant altitude changes, providing you with detailed insights into your environmental adjustments.

Sleep Tracking

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Since Series 3, when paired with watchOS 7, Apple Watches can track your sleep. This feature helps you understand your sleep patterns by monitoring your sleep phases, total sleep time, and quality. Adjusting your habits based on this data can lead to better sleep health and overall well-being. Sleep tracking can be particularly beneficial to improve their sleep quality or monitor sleep disturbances.

Handwashing Timer

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Introduced in response to the global health emphasis on hand hygiene, this feature detects when you start washing your hands and initiates a 20-second countdown timer. It ensures you wash long enough to effectively clean your hands. This smart reminder is part of Apple’s commitment to encouraging better hygiene practices.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

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We already mentioned the ECG app, but combining it with blood oxygen monitoring offers a comprehensive overview of your cardiovascular health. These tools are crucial for fitness enthusiasts and those monitoring specific health conditions, providing critical data directly from your wrist. They can alert users to potential health issues for early intervention. 


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