10 Reasons Why Humans Should Not Rely on AI


There are at least 10 reasons why humans should not rely on AI. It’s still going to happen, but too much reliance is not a good thing.

A serious lack of transparency


Without being able to discern how AI comes to their conclusions it’s tough to rely on their outcomes. True, AI needs programming, but what happens when it outgrows those parameters?



The fact that AI is programmed leaves a huge question mark as to the biases and possible discrimination inherent in the programming. It does feel ridiculous to say that AI can be biased, but one should look at the programmer first.

Privacy becomes an issue


The smarter an AI becomes, the more access it can gain through one trick or another. Privacy concerns are very real and unfortunately, AI isn’t the cure-all for that since it can make things worse.

Serious ethical dilemmas


There’s a big issue in giving AI programs an ethics course. Sometimes the AI takes things too literally, which causes even more problems.



The more advanced and more sophisticated AI systems become, the less security many people see. While we’re not in Terminator mode yet, there’s still plenty to worry about in terms of AI-run systems.

Who controls the AI?


There’s usually someone behind the power that becomes the issue. So who’s controlling the AI? Are they to be trusted?

People become too overly dependent


This leads to a lot of issues such as the loss of critical thinking skills and creativity. When there’s something there to do the work for you, what’s the use of thinking on your own?

Jobs are lost


Automated workers are already on the rise and unfortunately, this puts a lot of people out of jobs. Unless you can outpace or somehow outthink an AI program, you’re kind of out of luck.

Economic inequality is sure to follow


The rich becoming richer is a constant fear of many, but AI can make it happen. Those controlling the AI programs will stand to gain more than those who are being forced to keep up with them.

Regulations and the law


How many laws need to be looked at again, revised, or even changed as AI continues to expand? How many new ones will be brought into existence?


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