7 Reasons to Never Attempt the Aluminum Security Hack


The internet has many life hacks, from clever storage solutions to cleaning tricks that’ll make your life easier. But have you ever stumbled upon a tip that seemed a little too good to be true? Like, say, using aluminum foil to keep burglars at bay? We’ve all seen this one circulating online, but experts warn against its use due to its potential dangers.

How The Aluminum Security Hack Works

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It involves wrapping a car key fob in aluminum foil to block the signal and prevent thieves from intercepting it. While this can technically prevent keyless car theft, it’s a dangerous practice. 

Ahead, we share some reasons why attempting this hack could lead to disastrous consequences.

Fire Hazard


When crumpled and placed around a key fob, aluminum foil can overheat from exposure to electrical currents. This poses a serious fire risk, particularly when unattended or if the foil is damaged.

Electromagnetic Interference

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The aluminum foil can interfere with the key fob’s electromagnetic signals, leading to erratic behavior or even malfunctioning the device, ultimately leaving you locked out of your vehicle or home.

Risk of Short Circuits

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Wrapping electronic devices like key fobs in aluminum foil increases the risk of short circuits, potentially causing irreparable damage and electric shock.

False Sense of Security


Some may be tempted to try this hack, believing it enhances their security. However, relying on unverified methods can give a false sense of protection, leaving you vulnerable to actual security threats.

Legal Ramifications


In some states, tampering with electronic security devices, even if with harmless intentions, can be considered illegal. It’s essential to follow legal regulations to avoid facing fines or penalties.

Manufacturer Warnings


Most key fob manufacturers explicitly advise against tampering with their devices or using any methods not prescribed in the user manual. Ignoring these warnings can void warranties and compromise safety.


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