Five Types of Computer Repair you can Do On Your Own

Owning a computer is something just about everyone boasts, but it’s not something everyone is happy about when their computer stops working. Not everyone is technologically savvy, and that means broken computers mean expensive repair bills and a lot of stress for some people. Fortunately, we can help you save money you don’t want to spend by making a few simple repairs on your own computer, without breaking anything further.

Slow Computer

Sometimes computers seem to run slow, and you might think it’s broken. It kind of is, but it’s something you can fix on your own. All you have to do is run a system defragmenter, which is simple. You can find it in the system tools folder in your start area. Do this once a month and you won’t have this problem in the future.

Slow Internet

If your internet is slower than Christmas, unplug your connections and leave them unplugged for three minutes. This will fix your issue most of the time. If it doesn’t, you can go into your network settings and check for a problem, which will be very obvious and very simple to fix. However, this isn’t usually an issue, so you can simply unplug and restart everything.

Crashing Internet

Sometimes your internet browser crashes and you can’t figure out what to do to repair it. The solution is simple, you’re going to want to reboot the system. It’s not difficult, and it takes only a few moments of your time. By the time you start your computer back up, your internet should be just fine. Just remember to let it sit a few minutes while you wait to reboot the system.

Internet isn’t Working

Sometimes you’ll find that you can’t open certain websites or that most of your pages are just not loading. This is a typical problem with a common fix. What you need to do to fix this problem is simple; clear your cache. Once you do this, you will find that you are able to use your internet again without any issues. In fact, you should do this regularly anyway to prevent this from happening.


You can run a malware campaign on your computer so that you can clear out any viruses. What you’ll need to do is download some virus protection software so that this doesn’t happen again. While every computer is different and there is no one set of rules for doing this on every device, you can easily find out how to do this on your own computer by Googling the name of the computer. The results are simple to follow and very easy to deal with.

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