Facebook Mistakes No One Should Make

Facebook is not just for those who want to connect with friends; it’s for businesses and brands to market themselves and create an online presence. Now that you know Facebook is for everyone, you should know that everyone makes Facebook mistakes that not only ruin the way people look at you, but the way they look at your business. If you want to create an online presence that’s good for business – or your personal life – don’t make these mistakes.

Too Much Posting

No one really cares if you ate a donut for breakfast, or wants to see your reflection in a dirty bathroom mirror (in public, no less) or that your business is offering yet another item for sale in the past hour. If you want to post continuously, do it on Twitter. Facebook is a slower moving place and people tend to look past what you have to say if you say it too much.

Don’t Type in All Caps

When you post something online DON’T DO IT LIKE THIS; not only do your friends and business associates and potential clients think you’re an idiot, they think you’re yelling. All caps is a no-no unless you’re typing something that belongs in all caps, such as U.S. or USA.

Don’t Use Facebook as a TMI Place

Whether it’s your private page or your business page, you do have to remember that a lot of people can see what you say, and they can share that with anyone. This means no complaining about other people, no complaining about personal issues and no sharing other people’s private information. I’m sorry you have the worst cramps ever, but I’m positive no one – really, no one – needs to know that.

Don’t Say it Online if You Wouldn’t Say it in Person

Facebook is not a place that keeps you safe and protected and gives you courage. If you wouldn’t say something to someone face to face, don’t say it to them online. The internet is not a place to bully and fight.


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