10 Ethical Issues with Cloning

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When discussing 10 ethical issues with cloning one has to take into account a lot of different variables of the process. It still feels wrong, especially when considering what cloning could lead to.

Organ harvesting


One of the biggest ethical issues with cloning has to do with creating clones to be organ donors. A lot of people have made the argument that bringing another being to life just to harvest healthy organs is disturbing, to say the least.

It’s a living being


No matter if a clone is a copy of another living being, a lot of people believe in the autonomy of a clone. It makes sense, considering that all living beings are meant to be free to one degree or another.

Who gets to decide what’s acceptable and what’s not?


This is one of the biggest ethical issues with cloning. Who decides who gets cloned and which people are desirable to society?

Making designer humans/animals is not ethical


The idea of picking and choosing which genes are acceptable and which can be eliminated is incredibly dangerous. Not only that, but it negates the natural diversity that makes life interesting.

It’s an offense against nature


This is a more grandiose statement that many would agree is kind of vague. But it does feel like a slap in the face to Mother Nature.

Other problems might arise


Many issues will no doubt collide with each other and sound redundant. But cloning is a slippery slope that will no doubt open a Pandora’s box that no one wants to deal with.

There is the issue of the ‘perfect species’ to address


When does fiddling around with genetics go too far? When does the idea of a perfect society come in and ruin the already less-than-ideal plan for cloning?

The cost is likely enormous


Medical bills are expensive enough, right? Just imagine what it would cost to create an entire person or animal.

Some people would no doubt be tempted in negative ways


Movies are movies, that much is easy to say. But who’s to say that there wouldn’t be those who are eager to cheat death via cloning?

It’s not a natural process


There are way too many caveats that pop up when one attempts to foil the natural flow of life. Cloning is one of those that feels poised and ready to disrupt the order of things in the name of science.


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