How to Create More Storage Space in Your iPhone


No more space!? Never once in the life of my phone-owning history have I ever come across the “Storage Almost Full,” when I was cooking dinner and not really doing anything important with my phone. It is always, always, always when I finally have all four of my kids dressed in matching outfits, smiling and looking at the camera at the same time. Now I’ve missed the moment because my storage is full and my iPhone cannot give me one good photo of my littles. Alternately, it happens when we are in the middle of a vacation and I’m snapping away the most perfect shot of sunset over New York City while enjoying a cocktail at the rooftop bar at the Peninsula, and I have only a moment to capture that one shot.

Of course, we call that Murphy’s Law. I don’t know who this Murphy is or why he seems to want to irritate me so regularly, but I’m going to say it; Murphy is a jerk. The good news is that my sweet husband who is such a techie has provided me with some invaluable advice on keeping my iPhone storage cleaned out, and it doesn’t involve begging Apple to make a phone with more gigs; because so far they have not, and I’m stuck. If you are like me and your iPhone is constantly the bane of your existence as far as your storage is concerned, take a moment to sit back and learn.

Delete useless apps

I, for example, was able to delete apps I don’t use to clear up space on my phone. I deleted games my kids don’t use, apps I used in a certain location when we traveled to make travel easier – and so many other things that I no longer use. I mean, I don’t need the Target app when I have never once ordered anything from Target and barely even visit the store, right? And yes, I realize that is pretty much reason to revoke my mom card.

Check to see what’s taking up the most space

You’ll need to start with a visit to your settings. From there you will find the general box and click on it, the storage and iCloud usage space and click on that. From there, you will see that there are different options, including Manage Storage. Go into that and see what’s taking up the most storage on your phone. Do you need that app, do you want that app? Can you do anything within that app to help you clear up some storage space at the moment? If so, go ahead and see about getting rid of it or modifying it to clear up some space so you have some more wiggle room.

Save your stuff

We have to admit that photos take up so much space on our phones, so we have to get rid of them somehow. I like to go through mine on a regular basis and clean out my deleted folders, my Instagram photos folders and my selfies folders. Those photos are already online and in other places, so there is no reason I need them taking up space in multiple folders. Instead, I delete the additional copies. I also make it a habit to back up my photos to the Cloud every month so that they are always safe and secure in case anything happens to my phone. That clears a lot of storage.

Delete your messages

I like a clean phone, and I dislike the idea that there are dozens of messages from people just sitting in my phone. I delete all my texts at the end of the day – saving any pertinent information in them – with the exception of the messages from my husband. Those, I love. Not only does it clear up storage space for me, it also allows me to stop making the mistake of accidentally replying to the incorrect person. This happens a lot when I check a text on my Apple Watch and then go get my phone to respond and don’t actually remove myself from my former message to the new one.

Clean your cache

If you know how to do this, good for you. If you don’t, listen up. Start by going into your internet app and deleting your browsing data and your history and cookies. It’s easy when you know what you are doing. You’ll go to Settings, then you will click on Safari, then on Clearly History and Website Data. It’s a quick fix that will allow you a bit more free space for whatever it is you are doing at the moment. However, it’s not a forever fix if you have too much usage elsewhere. That’s where we feel you should either upgrade to more storage or begin backing things up.

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