Beat Your iPhone Addiction with These Simple Steps


Go ahead and laugh if you will, but iPhone addiction is real. Well, maybe no one is in rehab for addiction to their iPhone, but most people spend hours upon hours each day on their phones (you know it’s you when you have to charge your dead battery several times each day) ignoring everything else in life. It’s one thing to read the news online while you’re sipping your coffee and using your phone to communicate with your loved ones to catch up, but it’s another to be so addicted to your iPhone that you can’t even walk into another room of your house without bringing it with you. Here are a few ways you can beat your addiction to your phone.

Ban Phones at the Table

One of the unhealthiest choices many of us make is using our phone at the table. We have it out at restaurants and at the dinner table at home. The table is a place where you can bond with your family, discuss your day’s plans or your day’s events. It’s not the place where you sit and ignore your loved ones while perusing social media or playing mindless games. Make it a rule that there are no phones at the table – ever. This rule can only be broken if you’re a parent away from your children and you want to ensure you don’t miss a call from your sitter – and in this case, you can keep your phone where you can easily hear/see the sitter calling or texting, but you can’t touch it otherwise.

Ban Phones in the Car

You might think you need your phone for emergency purposes, and you are correct. However, you can keep your phones in the car in a place you cannot reach them. Instead of in your lap or cup holder, put your phone in the passenger door. This way you can hear it ring and reach it in case of an emergency, but you can’t check it at every light or respond to every text you get while driving down the road.

Limit Your Time

Give yourself time frames in which you can use your phone. For example, you get 15 minutes over coffee to check your emails, read the news and catch up on social media. By setting times like this throughout the day to check texts, emails and messages, you eliminate the need to respond every 15 seconds to every message that comes across. It also helps you become much more productive.

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