5 Tech Essentials You Can’t Live Without this Winter


As someone who is (im)patiently awaiting the delivery of my new iPhone 6 as I type, I can assure you that we are all a bit into our technology. Whether we like the latest phones, the latest iPads or the latest whatever, we are all into technology these days and it’s because it’s how we live. We can’t do anything without our technology. I work from home, so I have to have it. We love to listen to music in our house, and without wireless surround sound, we wouldn’t be able to hear it from many rooms. We like to have warm seats, so cars make seats with heat in them. We like to do everything we possibly can in the most convenient manner, so we can now preheat our ovens on our smart phones on the way home from work. Really, technology is everything in this world right now, and that’s why you cannot live the rest of the winter without these five tech essentials. Trust me; and I don’t even live where it’s winter.

Heated Insoles

And I’m sold. You can buy these for your shoes, they’re battery operated and amazing. They will keep your feet warm all day long, even when you’re out in the cold, miserable air. If you didn’t think you needed these before, now you do.

Icedozer Mini

Being a Floridian, I’ve never scraped ice off my windows in the morning. However, I understand from my cold-weather friends that it’s a complete nightmare that just takes forever. And because it’s cold outside, it’s no fun. So this tiny little tech gadget is going to make your ice-scraping days a little bit less time-consuming and a little bit less annoying.


It’s cold outside and the air is dry. This means we’re all stuffed up, congested and just dried out. A humidifier is going to add a bit of moisture to the air so we can stay a little bit more comfortable and literally breathe easier when we are at home. Additionally, it’s going to help keep your skin and hair from drying out so much. Let your vain side appeal to you.

Nest Thermostat

It knows what you like, when you like it. It’s actually kind of better than a spouse seeing as how it senses you, learns your habits and always knows what you want in terms of comfort and temperature, so invest in one. It’s a bit pricey up front, but it’s certainly something that will save you money over time by turning down the heat when you’re not home and warming things back up for you when you’re on your way.

Bladeless Fan

This is great for summer and winter, and it’s perfect for houses that have a bit of a draft. For example, my kids upstairs are always hotter than the rest of us. So we either have to freeze downstairs so as not to suffocate them with heat upstairs or vice versa, and this is a great little object that makes us all a bit more comfortable.

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