3 Reasons Pinterest is Such a Helpful Site

In the past year, since discovering Pinterest, I’ve have more people tell me how creative and talented I am when it comes to doing cute things for my daughters, holidays, my husband and around the house. I find this hilarious considering since finding Pinterest I have ceased to have any creative thoughts of my own. New recipe? Pinterest. New idea for fun with my girls? Pinterest? 12 days of Christmas for my husband to show him how much I love and appreciate him? Not even a chance that was my original idea. With that in mind, it made me realize why exactly it is that Pinterest is the most helpful site around.


Pinterest makes travel easier than ever. When we decide we want to go somewhere and we are planning where we want to stay, where we want to go and where we want to make dinner reservations while there, I search Pinterest. I simply type in the name of the city or destination and “restaurants” or “best views” or “best recommendations”, pin the stuff I think looks great and voila; our vacation is completely planned and we have yet to find ourselves disappointed.


On days when I cannot decide what to wear or what to pack, I simply search it on Pinterest and find a plethora of fashion inspiration or packing tips for the place we are going. Additionally, if I’m looking for something in particular to purchase and cannot find it anywhere, I search for it in Pinterest, click on the link and I just found it.

My Kids

My kids are more important to me than anyone on the planet, but that doesn’t mean I have all the answers – or even some of them – when it comes to keeping them entertained, happy and educated. Pinterest, however, makes it very simple. I simply search for fun activities, things to do, places to go and my kids and I are happy, entertained and seemingly a lot more creative than we actually are.


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