20 Most Shocking Photos From Google Images

Looks like a lovely day to wear scuba outfits in the middle of the street.
Photo Credit: Google
Gucci is a huge designer well-known across the world. It’s so well-known, in fact, that even the youngest fashionistas want to spend time here. But even Google has to wonder why this baby is all alone at Gucci.
Photo Credit: Google
If you have kids who’ve asked for a pony once or twice, you know they don’t come cheap. But I bet you could pick this one up for next to nothing except for a nice bath, a decent meal and a barn.
Photo Credit: Google
Why did the cow cross the street? The obvious answer is to get to the other side. This one, however, appears to have considered the walk a long and arduous one as he’s just about to collapse as he reaches the finish line.
Photo Credit: Google
Oh the sites you’ll see when on a road trip. Of course, most of us don’t think that we’ll see a bunch of humans standing on the side of the road dressed as animals. Creepy.
Photo Credit: Google
Even dogs look in the mirror and think that they’re behind is a bit smaller than it really is. Maybe this explains a few short shorts and other questionable ensemble choices around the world.
Photo Credit: Google
Someone’s mother taught them that good posture and standing upright was important. They even managed to get their car to stand upright. Let’s just hope all passengers are safe.
Photo Credit: Google
You can’t throw away just anything. Some things have to be recycled. Fortunately for this poor guy, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
Call off the search! We found Waldo. And he wasn’t even hiding that well to begin with.
Photo Credit: Google
A good time really can’t be interrupted by anything short of a flood. Or can it? Maybe not.
Photo Credit: Google
Superheros need naps, too. It’s hard work saving the world one bad guy at a time.
star wars
Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems Google has taken photos somewhere other than planet earth. Or maybe they’re just trying out for a role in the upcoming Star Wars flick.
Photo Credit: Google
Rumor has it that this animal was killed by the Google car, but it turns out he wasn’t doing anything other than lying down for a nap. It seems like a bad choice in location, however.
Photo Credit: Google
Usually it’s dark alleys and dark nights that make you nervous walking down the street. However, daylight never seemed scarier than it did when Google managed to capture these — whatever they are — on film.
Photo Credit: Google
A real friend will tell you when you have a piece of food stuck in your teeth, even if it’s awkward. Apparently this guy has no friends because they did not tell him about the cat sitting on his head.
Photo Credit: Google
Just put an animal head over your own head and walk your girlfriend home from class.
Photo Credit: Google
Bird People
Reddit user bawsinmymouth posted a link to this strange location in July 2013 — just some bird people moseying down a scenic trail in Musashino, Japan.
Alpaca lunch
Not something you see every day. Photo credit: Google
Looks like these guys have been planning this trip for weeks.
Image courtesy of Google
Segway Riders
This is not a crew you want to mess with
Image courtesy of Google


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