10 New Furniture Technologies That Will Save You Money


Just when we thought we’d finally found the furniture we want and love and plan on keeping for the next several years, someone goes and creates a couch that charges our cell phones and makes it possible for us to never need our actually phone chargers again (which is great news since our twins always manage to find them and turn them into chew toys). It’s back to the drawing board – and IKEA, apparently – to decide why our boring old furniture (and by old we mean like 6 months) needs to go so we can legitimize the high-tech furniture that companies are making these days. It’s no big secret that technology has changed and continues to change our lives, but now it’s changing our furniture and making it nearly impossible for any of us to find actually happiness and contentment. Here are 10 amazing examples of high-tech furniture that’s really cool and will actually save you money throughout its life in your home.

Analog Memory Desk

Goodbye expensive iPads and millions of little notebooks; hello desk that has built in paper designed so that you can jot down notes at any moment without looking for your other stuff. And you’ll never lose it. It’s also got built-in memory that allows the desk to learn your schedule and help you stay on track throughout the day.

Phillippe Stark My World Couch

This couch is going to save you a ton of money because it not only adjusts sizes so that it can fit in even the most minuscule spaces, it also has built in power outlets and all kinds of technological features that allow you to save time, space and money. This is a couch that you can use anywhere because it has everything that you need to make your life simpler, and it’s perfect for any space.


It took me almost five months to find the perfect rocking chairs for my beautiful front porch and I just got them last week. My life is complete; and then I see this. A rocking chair with a built in surround sound system and iPad dock that allows me to sit on the front porch and work while my kids are napping. I can lounge with a keyboard in hand, music softly playing and good times all around. Of course this now exists. You’ll never buy patio furniture again.

Touchscreen Tabletops

This might not sound like something you can use at home, but imagine how nice this will be for your kids. You can let them play, do homework and download educational apps right onto the top of a table so that they can engage and even play together since there is so much additional space and no one is left fighting over the iPad or tablet with something like this. It’s going to save you money, too, because your kids are not going to lose this, drop this or take this into the bath with them, so it’s not going to need replacing every time you turn around.

iPad Toilet Paper Stand

Be still my heart; and that of every other person in the world. This stand will not only hold your toilet paper, but also your iPad. Don’t you just love how this is not only making trips to the bathroom (the only place some of us get 5 minutes to ourselves without kids bothering us – well, they’re still bothering us but we can lock the door) more enjoyable, but now they’re that much more sanitary since you need not hold anything while attending to your personal business. Let’s be honest here; this is going to save people thousands of dollars a year on technology because people won’t be dropping their smart phones in the toilet anymore.

Qi Wireless Charging Mats

Thank you, IKEA, for now incorporating these amazing little chargers in our furniture so that there is no possible way to talk ourselves out of spending even more money and changing the overall look of our house yet again. Seriously, though, this is the answer to all our prayers. We just need all restaurants, friends and other public places to put these somewhere convenient.

Remix Sound Sideboard

What’s nicer than having great furniture in your home on which to store your belongings? How about a sideboard that comes with a built-in high-quality speaker that greatly boosts and compliments your surround sound?

Makes for a great way to enjoy some music, a movie, or even to liven up a party! Next, a nice table that holds fun things like remotes or the console that controls the speakers. This makes your life more stylish is a great upgrade. It’s almost a shame that this kind of furniture technology took so long to become reality. It would have saved us all a lot of money on accent tables in the past.

Nomad Tablet Side Table

This is the perfect side table for every room in your house because it’s going to save you a ton of money on mindless and pointless additions that will make using your tablet that much simpler. This sleek table features a groove in which your tablet sits at the perfect angle so you can work or play without interruption or worry.

Origin Ergonomic Task Chair

This is going to save you on medical bills, massages and insurance. You can use this chair at work and your home office to help save your posture and your good health. It allows you to sit perfectly straight so that you do no damage to your body, but only help it out in that you never slouch or put any pressure on your joints or bones.

Remmus Sunlounger

If you’re a lover of the sun, you’re going to adore the fact that this chair rotates itself according to the sun’s position so that you get the best possible rays available. You also won’t have to spend money on an outdoor surround sound system since it comes with its own Bose system that’s entirely waterproof and integrated. And it also comes with built in chargers and UV resistant seating. You’ll never buy another lounge chair or patio set again.

Hopefully some of these options are to your liking, and you maybe even decide to add one or more of these to your home. This added functionality makes them that much more worth it. Keep in mind that these additional electronics will mean more wires running to an outlet. You may want to hire an electrician and have them run this wiring in a more discrete fashion, and in a way that avoids any tripping hazards.

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