10 Free Blogging Tools to Increase Revenue on your Website


Money: It really is such a driving force in the lives of most of us, is it not? It’s been said that money cannot buy happiness, and this is true. Some of the wealthiest people we know are the least happy as far as their personal lives are concerned, and it just goes to show that while money can buy a lot of nice things, happiness and contentment are not part of that kind of power. Money cannot buy happiness, but money can buy things that can increase your level of happiness. For example, money can buy a home and a car. It can pay for groceries and children. It can help you keep your electric turned on and your home heated in the winter and cool in the summer. Money is necessary, whether we like it or not. And sure, some of you will say we can live off the land and not need money at all; and that’s fine. The rest of us are quite happy paying our mortgage and our utilities and our water bill, however. If you are a business owner with your own website, you might think more about money than some other people. Being a business owner makes it necessary to think more about money than others since you are responsible for how much you make. That’s why you have to find as many ways as possible to create and generate revenue. The best way to increase revenue through your website is to use free blogging tools that will help you bring in more money, and we have 10 suggestions that may or may not work for your particular site.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Your site needs to be mobile friendly. Since the vast majority of people are reading your work on their mobile site, you should make it a point to go ahead and add this to the list of things you need. It is not always cost-effective and worthwhile to completely remodel your site to make it friendly to the mobile device, but this free app will allow you to do that so that you can increase your revenue and make it entirely possible to do just that.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

Why not use this and allow Google to just send you free traffic? It’s like the easiest thing you’ll ever do to your site, and you will get plenty of traffic. The rule is simple; the higher your content rates as far as search engine optimization, the more traffic will be sent your way. It’s simple and it’s highly profitable and effective.

Feedback Section

If you add this free section to your site, you will get real feedback. Sure, you’ll probably get hate mail and pointless crap, too, but you will get real feedback that will tell you just how you can improve your site so that you can generate more business and more customers, and make it a point to get more action on your page.

Use the SumoMe Share Bar

This is the easiest way to allow sharing. Your content should be so good that people want to read it regardless, but it should also be easy to share, and this is what makes it simple to share. We think you should make sure you have this bar on your page so that you can make your life as simple and effective as possible.

SumoMe List Builder

When you allow a popup to ask people if they want more form you and they already love what you have to offer them, you will not lose. This might be something that initially turns you off, but believe me when I tell you that it is quite possibly the simplest way to encourage people to come to your site and make it a goal to get more traffic to your site to increase your revenue.

Social Media Sharing

It takes about a second and no effort to link your website to social media sites, and you have to do this. You have to do this so that people will share your information with others and so that you can bring more traffic to your page, increase your company reputation and make more people want to see what you have to offer.

Use Affiliate Programs

When you partner with other sites and programs to share certain things, you can make a lot more money. You can actually increase your revenue by more than you thought possible by getting the people who like other sites to come to your site because they are your affiliates and they recommend your work or your links. It’s simple and free, and it’s beneficial to all involved.


This is revenue gold. When you allow your customers to get something in return for their referrals to their friends, they’re going to share, share, share. And when they share the way that you want them to, they are going to do all the work for you. This means you get more business, more traffic and more money and you actually made your customers do all the work on your behalf. It’s about the simplest thing you could do to increase revenue on your website. Traffic is what brings money into the door; get more of it.

Secondary Ticket Integration

If your site sells tickets for anything and you are looking to make some extra revenue, this is a great option. It’s free and it’s simple and it makes almost no difference to the way your users are able to get their tickets when purchasing from you.

Email Sign Ups for Newsletters

Okay, so it’s not so much a way to generate revenue as it is to find people who are genuinely interested in what your company has to offer. When you are able to find the people who are really interested in your business, you are really able to find people who want to buy from you by increasing traffic to your site and bringing awareness to your product.

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