Talk To Your Man So That He Opens Up and Listens

You know better than to attempt a heart to heart talk in the midst of his favorite team’s big game – or any story about any player that ever existed in any sport on any of the ESPN channels. However, it never fails that even after a romantic night out and plenty of stimulating conversation you still cannot get him to open up as much as you wish he would. Rest assured ladies. He may not be as talkative as you, but knowing what to say can get him talking.

We Need to Talk

Do NOT say this. Nothing sends up a red flag in a man’s brain as much as these four little words. He does not need to talk. You need to talk. And he knows that what you have to say is to either point out something he did wrong (again), cost a lot of money (let’s have a baby!), or it already cost him a lot of money and you have to break it to him (you backed into another car with his brand new beemer). Whatever follows these four words is never good. So don’t use them.


Men are not girls. They don’t want to sit and gossip about their deep, dark secrets with you. If you want him to talk to you, don’t ask him to tell you a secret. Next you’ll be expecting him to bust out his diary so you can see if he’s doodled your name inside a million little hearts.

Share a Secret

Okay, so you can’t go asking him to tell you a secret, but you can clue him in on one of yours. When you trust him enough to confide in him, it is likely to inspire him to open up to you. Go ahead; tell him about the time you lost your virginity or the time you took your mom’s car joyriding when you were 15.


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