Taking The Thanksgiving Challenge

As the month of November approaches (wasn’t it just March?!) everyone will start thinking about Thanksgiving. They will think about seeing family, picking up the biggest turkey around, what kind of wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner (and whether or not Great Aunt Shirley will start telling the rest of the family what she doesn’t like about them after her third glass), and where they want to shop on Black Friday. Unfortunately, many people only spend Thanksgiving Day being thankful for the things in their lives. This year, I challenge everyone to be thankful each day for the month of November, and to express your thankfulness aloud. Who knows, perhaps we will all continue with our thankfulness on a daily basis after November because it will be ingrained in our daily routine.

The challenge here is more than just a way to be thankful during this holiday season. The challenge is to see if we can’t all live a happier, more grateful, more positive life after realizing all that we have to be thankful for.

Start Each Day with Thanks

Let’s start by quickly writing down something we are thankful for each morning. It doesn’t have to be anything big. In fact, it should be exactly what you feel thankful for as you roll out of bed. Perhaps you are thankful that your new baby only woke up twice during the night instead of his usual four times or your husband didn’t snore all night long.

End Each Day with Thanks

At the end of the day, give thanks for something that happened in your life that day. If you got a big raise, give thanks. If some kind commuter let you in when traffic seemed never-ending, give thanks. If your kids drew a picture for you telling you they love you, be thankful for them.

End Each Week with a Sunday Thanks

Since most people have Sunday dinner as a family, I challenge everyone to end the week with a reading of their thanks. Spend time with the family telling each other what it is they did, or what happened to you to make you thankful throughout the week. If your kids hear you say that you are thankful for their good behavior, it might inspire them to behave better on a regular basis. If you hear your husband say he was thankful you made his lunch for him one morning so he could have a few extra minutes to play with the kids before work, it might inspire you to fall in love with him all over again.


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