Taking the High Road by Not Speaking Ill of Others

When someone upsets you, it’s a natural reaction to want to tell the world what a horrible person he or she is despite the fact that you know you should take the high road. The high road in this instance requires keeping your mouth shut and saying nothing negative about the person you have an issue with. Perhaps you are staring at the screen with confusion, wondering why you can’t bash people for being incompetent; after all, it helps make you feel better. I know – trust me. But you can’t, because then you’re no better than they are.

Take the High Road

Keep your opinions to yourself when someone upsets you, wrongs you or completely angers you to the point of no return. Just because a relationship or friendship is ruined does not mean that you have to bash that person to others. Take the high road and say nothing. Consider this; what you say about someone else speaks more about you than it does about them.

Your Reputation Matters

If you spend all your time bashing people who can’t do anything right, people will start to associate you with a complainer. They might decide you’re too negative, too abrasive and even a bit scary. It can damage your reputation to be known as the woman who says horrible things about others behind their backs, and it could cost you business, friendships and respect.

It’s Awkward

Sometimes it’s just plain awkward for the people to whom you are complaining. If your best friend is friendly with the woman you’re speaking ill of because that woman upset you, it’s awkward for her. She likes you both and she probably feels that she’s being disloyal to you by enjoying the person you dislike and she probably feels it is not fair for her to dislike someone who has never done anything to her.


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