Take the Time to Show Him You Care by Surprising Him

After spending years together, it can become a little bit easy to put your spouse on the backburner while you focus on other things, such as your kids, career, life and family. It’s not that you don’t love him anymore; it’s just that you understand that he understands the pressure of having so much going on in life at all times. However, sometimes you just need to take a break from the everyday and make your spouse your number one priority, even if it’s only a few hours before life kicks back into full gear and you have to go your separate ways to pick one child up from soccer and the other up from ballet. You can surprise him anytime you want by taking note of these husband-tested great surprises.

Surprise Him With Something He Really Wants

Tomorrow morning when he walks out the door to head to work, don’t just hand him his wallet and phone. Hand him a pair of tickets to his favorite team’s next game. Tell him that you’ve already arranged for a babysitter for the day or night and that you’re his for the day. He gets to pick lunch or dinner; he gets to pick what you do before and after the game. It’s all up to him; you’re just in it for the great date.

Make a List

No, not a to-do list; make him a thank you list. This is a list not of things you need him to do that you promise you’ll thank him for later. This is a list of things that you are thankful for that all revolve around him. It can include the simplest things such as how thankful you are that he takes the trash out at 5 am every Tuesday so you don’t have to walk down the driveway in the dark – or touch that disgusting trash can – or how thankful you are that he works so hard to provide for your family. Showing him appreciation for these things is going to surprise him in a great way.

Be Thoughtful

Take his favorite pair of shoes to the shoe repair store and have new padding inserted inside so that they’re more comfortable. Take his favorite shirt to the cleaners and ask them if there is anything they can do to get that awful stain out of it and surprise him with it. Being thoughtful will surprise him because it shows him you are listening to even his most mundane complaints and it will make him feel good about himself – and you.


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