Take a Cue From the Movies in Real Life

Every chick flick has a girl who does something so totally awesome. You admire her tenacity, her sense of adventure, and her ability to do it all in a killer pair of six inch Louboutins and a perfectly coiffed hair style. Now, why don’t you do those things in real life? Okay, so you aren’t going to be able to do all the things women in the movies do, but you can emulate those things to a certain extent in your everyday life. Here are a few things you should start doing now.

Going Crazy Over the Bouquet

It’s a wedding. Weddings are supposed to be fun, and what’s more fun than watching a bunch of single women fight over a bouquet of flowers that ends up looking like one dead leaf by the end of the night? Nothing, really, which is exactly why you should spice up the night and fight for your right to get married next.

Live Alone

Okay, so this one isn’t for everyone but if you ever have the chance to live alone in a fabulous apartment in a fabulous city: Do it! Every woman needs a solid white living space that always stays clean and looks picture perfect before she has a husband and kids to wreck it on a regular basis.

Being Able to Run in Killer Heels

Those six and a half inch Jimmy Choos are meant to make your legs look good, but really, we all need to have the ability to run like Carrie Bradshaw as she bailed on Mr. Big on their wedding day. It’s something you should know because it could save your life one day. Really.

Using the Key Phrase

When a man asks a movie star a question on a date, she smiles and says coyly, “I’d like that,” which is so awesome. I don’t really know where it applies in real life, but I think we should all say it at least once to a man.


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