Surprising Things You Should be Thankful For

We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed from time to time. We all have bad days. We all have bad mornings that turn into bad days. No one has a perfect life; there is always something or someone who manages to ruin what should be a good day on occasion. However, there are some people who simply don’t know how to have a good day. They wake up feeling like their lives are not good enough; they aren’t happy, nothing is good enough for them, and nothing works out in their favor. These negative nellies might have some valid points to their complaints and general unhappiness, but for the most part they just need to remember that even when their life isn’t going according to plan, they always have something to be grateful for. Remember these things the next time you wake up grumpy.

Waking Up Each Morning

So what if you’re having a bad morning or a bad day? You woke up this morning and that is a lot more than some people are given in the morning. You have a life to wake up to. Be grateful for that and get over yourself and your negative attitude. Don’t let life bring you down, let waking up for yet another day be good enough to start your day off right.


You’re going to be late, no one knows how to drive, and everyone and their mom is on the road today. Don’t let traffic bring you down. Being stuck in traffic means you have a mode of transportation and somewhere to go. Be grateful that you have a job to go to, kids healthy enough to attend school, and the health to allow you to drive yourself places.

Ill-Behaved Children

The next time your kids are acting like crazy animals, stop and take a breath. Yes, they can be a pain in the you know what from time to time, but that is something you should be thankful for. Your kids are healthy, happy, and have the ability to make you crazy. A lot of people are denied that simple pleasure.


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