Surprise Your Spouse with a Simple but Sweet Gesture

One of the silliest things couples do is wait for a holiday or other special occasion to surprise their spouse. This is nonsense; you don’t need a special occasion or holiday to surprise your spouse with a simple treat or exciting gift. A healthy relationship requires falling in love many times over the course of your marriage, and when you take the time to surprise your spouse, you make it easier to remember why you’re such a happy couple in the first place.

Just Because

Some of the best surprises are just because. Stop on your way home from work to bring your wife flowers or to pick up the movie or meal your husband has been dying to see or eat. Your spouse will appreciate the thought. When you take the time to do something kind just because, it proves you’re really thinking about your spouse.

Send a Card

Or write a note; it doesn’t matter. There is something to be said for couples who write down their feelings and hand them to one another. If you’re looking to spice up your relationship, perhaps you should try it. Your spouse will love a tangible reminder of how he really feels about you or you him. It’s sweet, it’s inexpensive, and it’s truly a meaningful gesture.

Surprise Plans

When you take the time to hear what your spouse has to say and plan a date that encompasses all of that, he’s going to love you more than ever. Say he’s been wanting to the big game and eat a new restaurant afterward. Plan a date. Get tickets and make a reservation. He’ll love that you not only hear him, you understand him and want to make him feel special and loved. It’s a simple gesture that shows a great deal of love and respect.


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