Summer Savings Your Family Can Use this Season

Summer is a great time to save. It’s a big party planning time of year, many people travel, and everyone is always looking for a bargain come summer. Just because you find yourself making more trips to the beach and spending more time away from your desk in favor of hanging out with your kids doesn’t mean you have to suffer from the inability to save. You can save a bundle this summer on some of the things you might use the most.

Rental Cars

If you plan on taking a trip and need to rent a car upon arrival, consider a midweek rental. Not only will you fly for less in the middle of the week this summer, your rental car will cost less if you pick it up in the middle of the week than on the weekend. Weekend rates tend to spike.

Have a Picnic

Instead of heading out to that great restaurant and sitting outside on the deck to enjoy a cocktail and dinner, make your own and find a spot just as lovely, a lot less expensive, and a lot more private. You can pack a bottle of wine, some great take-out or deli food and find a nice spot to watch the sun set over the ocean, lake or water. It’s a romantic, inexpensive and completely enviable date night solution.

Online Savings

Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer a ton of family friendly activities during the summer for a deeply discounted price. Try looking for family fun activities on these sites. You’ll often find deals such as buy one get one free, save 50 percent, or even more than that. You can also buy family vacations on these sites that sell for less than half of the usual retail price. It’s a great way to save this summer.


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