The Struggles Only People Who Shower at Night Will Understand


What you’re shower MO? Are you a nighttime shower-er or a morning shower-er? Do you prefer one over the other but engage in the opposite because of your schedule? Or are you like me and you shower both in the morning and again at night? I will be straight up honest with you right now; l don’t trust people who only shower once a day. The morning is the perfect time to shower to wake you up and allows you to shave all that needs shaving so you’re hair-free and smooth for the day ahead. And I shower again at night because, you know, I went all day doing things in and out of the house and I feel like I need a shower. I only wash my hair in the mornings; never at night – but that’s the extent of my acceptance-level when it comes to feeling clean before bed. So, if you’re a night-time shower-taker, there might be a few things you understand more than those who shower in the morning. Morning-only shower-takers, we have a few things that evening shower-takers understand that you just don’t.

Bed Head is Real

If you shower at night and don’t take the time to either dry your hair or allow it to air dry before you wake up in the morning, it’s a huge problem. Only people who do this at night get it; they understand what it looks like to wake up in the morning after going to bed the night before with wet hair. They get it; they understand that those nights in which they’re feeling too lazy to dry it means a morning of pure chaos and kind of scary looks is ahead. If you don’t wash your hair in the evening you won’t get it, but otherwise you will get it.

Wet Hair is an Issue

No one likes wet hair at night, especially when you’re tired and just want to go to sleep. It’s at this point when you are drying your hair after a long day of busy schedules and exhaustion that you suddenly cannot remember why you don’t just shower in the morning and deal with all of this before the day actually starts. Wet hair at bedtime is such a no-no and you know you cannot go to bed like that. So it’s time to suck that up and get to drying or skip your hair washing extravaganza until morning.

You’re so Awake

There is a scientific study out there that states a hot shower within two hours of going to bed makes it more difficult to sleep. The hot water does all kinds of funny things to your body that makes your temperature change and things stop working the way you want them to work on a long night before bed. That’s all right, though, if you take your shower more than two hours before you go to sleep. In fact, there are some perks that you’ll get if you take a hot shower before bed.

All that Energy

And there you go; a nice, hot shower can really make you feel like an energized version of yourself at the end of the day. There is so much energy to be had that time of night if you shower in a nice, hot shower. You can get more done. You can pack lunches for the kids for the next day, lay out school and work clothes, clean out your car or take the time to make sure all the laundry is done. You can literally do anything you want when you shower at night and end up with all that additional energy by the time the day is over.

You Get to Sleep Longer

If you shower at night and not in the morning, you get that there is something rather magical about being able to get up in the morning after an extra-long night of sleep. While everyone else is getting up early so that they have time to shower, you’re lounging in your sweet, sweet bed for that additional half hour just sleeping away and feeling good about what life has to offer. It’s not a bad feeling if you are willing to skip a morning shower, and that is precisely why so many people do skip that morning shower. If you do it, you get it.

Shaving Outside the Shower

There is one thing that’s not so much fun for people who don’t shower in the morning. I have to shower in the morning because I like it and because I have to shave every single day or I feel dirty. And it only takes about 12 hours for my legs to go from perfectly smooth to fuzzy, and I hate that. Those who don’t shower in the morning and want to have nice, smooth legs or under arms will understand that it’s not so much fun to try and shave outside the shower. That’s one of the downfalls of showering at night. You either have to shave at night and go the next day a little fuzzy or you have to take the time to shave outside the shower in the morning, which is just not any fun at all.

You’re Just Cleaner

Showering at night is something all people should really do. It’s just cleaner. You spend all day long out and about and doing things, and we all know you smell a little bit at the end of the day. Even if you don’t smell sweaty and dirty, you still smell. You smell like the day. Like outside if you spent time outside. Or my husband, for example, comes home at the end of the day smelling like wind and nature and whatever else he happens to encounter on his drive home since he likes to put the top down in his convertible to enjoy the beautiful weather. While there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s not a clean smell and I like for him to shower both in the morning and at night as well.

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