Stop Looking for the Wrong Things in a Relationship

Ladies, let’s be honest here. Many of you are looking at the wrong things when it comes to men. You may want to find your own happily ever after and be as ooey-gooey, sappy and romantic as your married friends, but too many of you are never going to find that aspect in a man unless you stop looking at the wrong things and start looking at the right things. Based on the answers women give to questions they don’t even know they’re being asked, we’ve come up with a list of things you need to stop considering when it comes to a man.

His Wallet

Sweetie, learn to take care of yourself. Sure, there’s nothing at all wrong with falling madly in love with a man who has deep pockets and Tiffany & Co. on speed dial (trust me, I know this!) but if the first thing you notice about a man is the designer of his shoes, the make of his car, and the label on his watch, you are looking at all the wrong things. Your goal in life should not be to find a man who will take care of you; that only makes you look desperate and pathetic, and it makes you miss out on a lot of really great guys.

You Compare Him to Your Ex

If you spend 90 percent of your time comparing him to your ex, you probably aren’t over your ex and shouldn’t be dating. I don’t care if he out-awesome’s your ex in every way, shape, or form, you should never compare the man you’re dating to him. If he was just like your ex, you wouldn’t be dating him, so there’s no need to constantly point out how different he is. People will notice.

His Looks

It’s true that you need to find the man you love attractive; if you aren’t attracted to him then your relationship will never work. However, stop looking for Adonis and start looking for a guy whose personality makes him shine. He doesn’t have to be perfect, he only has to be perfect to you. My husband, for example, is barely taller than me and he is way too hairy. But, he has a gorgeous smile, great hands, beautiful blue eyes, and a personality that makes me fall in love with him all over again every single day. He’s handsome, and he may not be perfect, but he’s perfect to me.

The Places He Takes You/Things He Buys You

This one goes back to his wallet. Stop looking for men who take you away for the weekend or buy you gifts. Find one who makes you laugh. Find one you have a great time with when you’re cuddled on the couch, walking around your neighborhood, or playing a round of golf. He’s the guy you really want. If you want to go to exotic places or buy expensive gifts, buy them for yourself.


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