Spring Cleaning for Your Marriage

Spring is here and everyone is doing a little spring cleaning. Perhaps you’re sprucing up that garden you’ve always wanted or making a paint color change to the interior of your home. Spring cleaning has a way of making you feel good, free and less cluttered, so why would you skip out on spring cleaning your marriage as well? Every marriage needs a little organizing and a little rearranging; it’s like your closet or your kitchen cabinets. The best ones are cleaned out periodically and rearranged to make them more functional, lovelier and more desirable.

Soft is Good

Make it a point to spring clean the mean and accusatory tones right out of your marriage. Right now is a good time to make a pact that you will start all conversations in a soft manner. Instead of starting off your tirade with, “You ALWAYS,” or “You NEVER,” start it with, “Honey, I love you and I want you to know that I really would appreciate…”. You’ll be glad you did. Less fighting, fewer arguments and a lot more loving will come your way.

Replace the Attitude with Gratitude

After recently complaining to a friend that my husband hasn’t learned that my closet is color-coordinated after 12 years together and for just as long he’s been hanging my dresses in the wrong place when he does laundry, she reacted differently than I thought. She simply replied, “Your husband knows how to do laundry?” In that one sentence, I realized that I had an attitude about simply removing the blue dresses from the black dresses location and spending 3 seconds fixing something rather than gratitude for having married a man that takes it upon himself to do laundry. From start to finish; without being asked.

Be Happy on Your Own

A great way to spring clean your marriage is to take responsibility for your own happiness rather than placing that responsibility on your spouse. If you can’t make yourself happy, how is he going to make you happy? Make it a point to rely on him only for unconditional love and laughter and rely on you for happiness.


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