Several Reasons Why Spending Time Apart Is Good For Your Relationship

Time apart does not sound like something that is an ingredient for a good relationship but it really is.  Being together constantly is not a recipe for success.  It can actually be a recipe for burnout, no matter how deeply you care about each other.  Women especially need some space to be reminded that they are still an individual person.  Men seem to understand this much easier than women do.

You can take time to go out with your girlfriends for lunch or an evening out or even just spend an evening by yourself reading or pursuing a favorite hobby.  It is not good to feel like you must spend every waking minute together.  Give your relationship room to breathe.

You know the old saying, that absence makes the heart grow fonder?  There is something to that.  Of course when you are in a relationship you need to spend time together but a little time apart only makes you appreciate each other more.

It also reminds you that you are your own individual person with your own unique interests and hobbies.  And as much as you love your partner, it is good to nurture your relationships with others in your life.  Your partner cannot be everything to you and they should not be.  That is truly too much pressure to put on someone and it is an unfair demand.  Time apart is helpful in this way.

Go out with your girlfriends and enjoy chatting about things that your partner would never be interested in.  Take the time to hash over your relationship with them.  Spend time with family members that are special to you.  The time apart will make your time together that much sweeter when you meet again.  Plus, you will have more to talk about when you have your own interests in your life.

Psych Central has an article titled The 10 Secrets of Happy Couples that addresses this.


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