Sneaky Ways to Lose Weight During the Holidays

The holidays have you stuffed and overstuffed and totally full. You’re pretty sure your pants no longer button up and you’re actually hoping that you’re pregnant so that at least you can maintain some of your pride at not overeating to the point of gaining that kind of weight over the holidays. The truth is some people eat too much during the holiday season, which means you need to stop. If you can’t, or you find it too difficult, learn how to trick yourself into eating less.

Drink from a Straight Glass

Studies show that drinking from a rounded glass causes you to actually drink more soda, eggnog, or other entirely bad for your beverages. In fact, studies show you drink as much as 60 percent more in a rounded glass than in a straight one. Easy enough, right?

Set the Mood

Turn down the lights before eating. No, not to make dinner more romantic, though that is a plus; to make you eat less. A study in Glamour magazine states that people who eat with the lights turned down eat as many as 175 fewer calories than those who eat with the lights on full blast.

Pour the Bubbly

Oh, not the champagne. Unfortunately, that’s not doing anything to help your waistline. However, by drinking more bubbly water you are making yourself less hungry. Scientists have proven that drinking water with dinner makes you want to have the veggies instead of the fries (don’t ask me why, because I have no earthly idea) but drinking fizzy water (with no sodium) will help curb your appetite throughout the day as well.

Go Look at the Healthy Stuff

Your body and mind will trick you into thinking you really want a piece of cake when all you want is some kind of food. Avoid these faux cravings by not making eye contact with sweets and treats and move on to the fruits and vegetables, which you will be more likely to eat.


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