Six Tips to Make This Halloween a Safe One

Safe Halloween 1

Halloween is a festival everyone enjoys but kids love it a little extra. They dress up as their favorite characters and then go for trick-or-treating. What is more exciting than getting free candies! They roam the streets after dark, going from house to house and enjoy the spirit of this festival. Halloween parties are also arranged with scary themes and decorations which are another way for kids to have fun and show off their creativity. It should be relished at its peak at the same time maintaining safety and security.

Following are some tips for you so that you can have a happy and safe Halloween.

1.   Dress with care

The costumes that kids wear should be bought or made keeping these things in mind:

  • They should not be very long so that kids trip over them.
  • The masks or face covering should not be made of a sharp material.
  • They shouldn’t hinder their visibility.
  • The material of their costumes should be fire
  • Test the makeup before using to avoid any irritation or allergies.
  • Avoid using decorative contact lenses.

2.   Visibility

As kids go out in the dark, it is best to use reflective tape on their dresses or hand them glow sticks that would make them visible to drivers.

3.   Keep it fake

If your kids are using swords, knives or spears, make sure they are soft and flexible.

4.   Stay together

Kids should walk in groups and accompanied by an adult teen or at least one adult. Stay on the sidewalks of the well-lit main roads and avoid empty places.

5.   Technical supervision

You can supervise them with parental controls which provide you location amenities. FamilyTime is a good parental control app that you should try. It would let you stay aware of their movement and assess any danger as well.

Safe Halloween 2

  • GPS tracking: Gives a continuous record of their whereabouts.
  • Geofencing: Gives check-ins and checkouts of the tagged places. You can add places which you don’t want your kids to go and get an alert if they go there.
  • Panic Alerts: Get instant alerts from your kids in case of any emergency.
  • Pick-up Alerts: In case your kids forget their way or get lost, they can you ping you a location map and you can go pick them up.
  • Cell phone monitoring: This feature is especially for the teens. You can monitor their calls and text messages to make sure they don’t have any risky plans for the night or they are not going to meet a stranger.
  • This app is definitely a relief for parents. They can stop worrying about their kids by knowing where they are.

6.   Don’t get tricked by the treats

Avoid taking treats from complete strangers. Eat only factory packaged candies and avoid the handmade ones, unless they are from a person you completely trust. Get on your best dress and have fun with your kids on this day. Follow the safety tips and use a parental control app for extra protection. Have a big scare (not an actual one) and enjoy!


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