Simple Ways to Make Someone’s Day

Ever encountered a situation that simply makes your day? I think we all have, at some point. Whether it is a stranger or a loved one, people have a way of making your entire day feel great if they do something or say something nice to you, which sets the tone for your mood the rest of the day. Now think about how good things like that make you feel, and ask yourself if you can make someone’s day today.


It may sound simple and cliché, but smiling a genuine smile at someone else is one of the kindest things you can do for a person. There have been days I’ve been in a hell of a mood, when all I want is the rest of the world to get out of my way and stop inconveniencing me, when a stranger smiles such a heartfelt, kind smile directed at me, and I feel instantly better.

Compliment Someone

My husband is the king of compliments and he makes my day every single day with his compliments. He will randomly run out of the house when I’m pulling out of the garage just to give me one more kiss and tell me he loves me one more time. He will send me a text during the day to tell me how beautiful I looked that morning and how happy I make him. Giving someone a compliment that is genuine – not forced or made up – is a great way to make their day.

Go Out of Your Way

Once, I was at a very high-end department store checking out when an elderly man and women were in front of me. They had quite the large purchase, and one of the items was a pair of costume earrings that were really quite lovely. As the sales associate placed their items in garment bags and shopping bags, she accidentally hit the earrings on something and one went flying. I watched her as she realized the earring was no longer in the box, and as she glanced around her immediate vicinity.

She did not see the earring, but she did notice that the people purchasing the earrings did not notice she lost one, so she quickly shut the box and placed it – minus one earring – in their shopping bag and wished them a lovely day. I, however, happened to see the earring where it fell, and I picked it up and chased the couple through the store to give it back to them. They were so relieved and grateful, explaining to me that their granddaughter was getting married that evening and that the airport lost their luggage, and they were shopping for last minute items to wear to the wedding. I made their day – and probably more than that.


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