Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Luxurious On A Small Budget


When was the last time someone said something to you or simply made a remark that stuck with you longer than it might usually stick with you? Like anyone else, it happens to me on occasion. There was the time when I was 20 and a complete stranger told me that perhaps I should never wear a strapless top again since I have linebacker shoulders (this is something I’m still self-conscious about even though I’m perfectly well aware that I’m a tiny person). There was the time that someone told me I have the most infectious smile and that it makes their day every time they see me (now I try to always smile at people because who am I not to share my day-making smile with the world?).

There was the time someone told me that my husband is pretty much the most amazing person ever to live, and I really sat back and took notice of just how spectacular he is. Then there was the time that someone told me they love coming to my house because it always smells amazing and makes them feel at home. We all have those things; people say something and it sticks with us for some reason when everything else they say is pretty much in one ear and out the other without a second thought.

This weekend I ran into an old friend from high school that I do keep up with on social media. She asked how I’m doing and then kind of laughed and commented that I’m clearly doing well because every time I post a photo of our kids at home in any given room of the house, she notices that I have a bouquet of fresh flowers in every room. It took me a moment to pick up what she was saying, but I finally realized that she meant that we must be financially doing well because we can afford to have fresh flowers every single day in most every room of our house. It’s true; we do.

I mean, I don’t spend a lot of money on flowers but I do love them. I’ll buy a dozen roses or two dozen and split them up in decorative mason jars or stemless wine glasses and put them in different rooms to make several bouquets. I have one in my office right now, a bouquet on the island, one on the fireplace, another on the table in the foyer and one on each nightstand in our master bedroom. It made me think; we don’t have to spend a ton of money to achieve the upscale look of Instagram superstars or famous people at home. I thought I might share some of the simplest things you can do to decorate your home to make it look more upscale and glamorous than it actually cost you to do.

Keep Fresh Flowers

I don’t spend a lot of money on flowers. I go to the local Publix and pick up a dozen roses for $14.99. When they are in season, I’ll pick up a bunch of Gerber Daisies. They’re always in packages of three to five flowers and they’re three packages for $12. Then I cut them and I put them in small vases around the house to make them look amazing. For a few dollars a week, you can have fresh flowers at home all the time.

White Candles Everhwere

There is something about plain white candles that looks so luxurious. I will fill my house with them not only because they smell amazing, but because they look so elegant. I always use white; I feel like it’s a lot classier looking than other colors – but I always choose one with a fun fragrance. I love vanilla, anything that smells like a cookie, and anything that smells like fall during the fall season. Group them in groups of three or buy one really big one and put it somewhere bold. I also like to keep them inside of fun lanterns we found at TJ Maxx for only a few dollars each.

Minimize Clutter

This won’t even cost you a thing; I promise. My favorite way of making my house look a lot more elegant is to mimic the rooms you see on television and on social media – and that’s by keeping the clutter to a minimum. I don’t like “stuff” to begin with, so it’s not hard. However, I find that it’s a lot nicer to keep my counters free of clutter than it is to have the convenience of stuff on the counters. My baking canisters are in the pantry, my toaster is in the pantry; these things are pulled out, used and put immediately away. Clean lines, clean house, elegance; it’s like math but prettier.

Keep it Light and Bright

One thing that really does make a home look a lot more luxurious is light and bright décor. Dark rooms are a turn-off for many buyers when it comes to real estate, so it only makes sense to keep things light and bright. Buy light furniture. Use light décor. Open the blinds, skip the curtains and choose bright finishes. White trim, light cabinets, light rugs; take a look at Instagram, Pinterest or any advice blog from a realtor and you’ll see that elegant homes are always the ones that are light and bright.

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