Signs Your Marriage Needs Work

My husband and I have this ritual; when we encounter another couple who clearly has issues, we make each other swear that we will never get to that point. We’ve spent the past 11 years promising one another that we’d warn the other if we start acting crazy or insane and we think our marriage needs work. To us, it seems obvious when other couples we know need to work on our relationship, but we aren’t sure they realize they need work. For that reason, I was inspired to write this piece to give couples a little clarity.

Financial Fights are Fierce

My husband and I argue about finances all the time, and we don’t even have financial struggles. Those who do have financial struggles can really face a big problem in their marriage. My husband and I have come up with a financial plan that prevents either one of us from making the other one annoyed and I’d recommend it for all couples. We have a deal that we can do whatever we want with our funds, but no purchases over $1,500 can be made without the input of the other party. This prevents a lot of fights and monetary problems in our house. Of course, your own agreement may differ, but you still need one.

Constant Bickering

Many people think that constant bickering is perfectly normal in a long-term marriage, but it isn’t. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, but when it’s bad, it needs work. No one should argue about every little thing all the time. When this happens in your marriage, you need to work on it.

Arguments Go Away – They Aren’t Solved

If your way of life is to have a fight and then ignore it until you’re both in a better place, your marriage needs work. Conflict requires resolution. Your marriage will never work if you don’t resolve your conflicts; ignoring them only makes them worse.


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