Telling Signs That Your Friendship May Be Ending

Have you felt like your friendship may be ending with someone you were once very close to?  It is possible that is exactly what is happening.  As sad as it is, friendships do end and people move on.  So, what are some signs you could look for that tell you your friendship may be ending?

A feeling of underlying tension between the two of you is a sign that your friendship may be ending.  You may have even talked to your friend about it and asked them if they felt it too or if anything was bothering them.  They may or may not come clean with you if and when you ask.  But a feeling of tension between you is a definite sign.

Another sign that your friendship may be ending is that there is more distance than there used to be.  Maybe you used to call each other every Saturday morning when you were doing errands or you always met for coffee on Tuesday evenings.  Whatever was normal for your friendship is no longer what is occurring.

You had a disagreement that your friendship never really recovered from.  Sometimes a friendship just isn’t really strong enough to stand the test of a disagreement.  Even if your friend is insisting that nothing is wrong and things are the same, you know that since you disagreed, they really haven’t been.

Maybe you are hearing some things through the grapevine that tell you your friendship is ending.  Perhaps you are hearing that she is going out with another friend to have her nails done which is something the two of you always did together.

There are many signs that can tell you that your friendship may be ending.  The point is, if and when this happens, you deal with it and move on.  Tiny Buddha has a really great article helping you do just that.


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