Signs You Might Be Suffering From Depression

It isn’t uncommon to have an off day. We aren’t all perfect all the time. Trust me; I’m a very happy person who is usually in a sunny, happy mood. However, there are days when I just wake up feeling annoyed at the world for no reason that I can find. Additionally, sometimes I just feel down. That doesn’t make me depressed. However, other people wake up feeling like this more often than not, and that might make them depressed. If you think your bad days are enough to be depression, you might want to check to see if you have these symptoms.

Think Back

Look back over the past two weeks and count the number of days you felt so sad that life seemed totally bleak. Did you feel that there was nothing to live for, that things will never improve, and that you would never be happy again? If you feel like this most days, then you might be depressed.

Do You Take Pleasure in Your Usual Activities?

If you suffer from depression, you will not find your usual satisfaction in your usual daily activities. You won’t feel satisfaction or happiness playing with your kids, going on vacation, watching your favorite television shows or doing much of anything.

How’s Your Weight?

Depressed people do one of two things: They either gain a lot of weight or lose a lot of weight without any realization that this is happening.

How Are You Sleeping?

People who are experiencing feelings of depression may find that they cannot sleep. They may also find that they are so tired on a regular basis that they have a difficult time functioning in the real world. Feelings of depression make it difficult to shut your mind off at night and get a good night’s sleep.


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