Signs You Are Not Forever Friends

Friendship is forever. Except when it’s not. Think about it; how many of your childhood friends are you still close to? Not the kind you send a Christmas card to each year and then promptly ignore then until the next Christmas card is due to be mailed. We’re talking about good friends whom you’ve loved your entire life. Probably not many, right? The reason for that is that most of us outgrow friends throughout our lives, not finding our forever friends until we’re a little older and a lot more mature. If you don’t think one of your current friends is a forever friend, it’s time to break up.

Only One of You Makes the Effort

If you ignore her calls and don’t plan anything that includes inviting her, or you find yourself calling her, texting her and inviting her to join you without any reciprocation on her behalf, it’s time to break up. You’re not forever friends if one of you is always the one making the effort and the other doesn’t bother. Time to let that one go.

You Don’t Look Forward to Seeing Her

When you do make plans with your not-so forever friend, you find yourself wishing the night was over before it even begins. When you have plans with your true friends, you find yourself looking forward to seeing them, and you hate that time seems to go by so quickly when you’re with them. When it’s forced; it’s not real.

You Find Yourself Uncaring

What once was a relationship in which you were happy for your friend when she landed a big promotion or fell madly in love has turned into a relationship in which you roll your eyes and feel secretly annoyed when she calls to tell you about her awesome new job. When you aren’t 100 percent happy for her accomplishments and successes, your friendship becomes a source of stress and discontent. It’s time to end it.


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