Signs Your Relationship is a Good One

Relationship advice is certainly not something that comes few and far between; in fact, we spend a great deal of time listening to advice about what you don’t want in a relationship, how to see the signs of an abusive relationship, the signs of a cheater and etc, but what we don’t often see is a list of the signs that the relationship you’re in right now is great. Let’s change that. Instead of focusing on the negatives of everything in life, let’s take a second to focus on the positives. Here are four signs your relationship is actually a healthy one.

Mutual Respect

If you’re in a relationship in which respect runs rampant, you’re in a good relationship. When you both respect one another, your opinions, your fears, your worries and your happiness, you are on the path to success. A good relationship requires respect, even if it occasionally comes in the form of respectful disagreement.

Mutual Excitement

When you’re both excited to see one another or hear one another’s voice or you simply cannot get enough of seeing one another’s name pop up on your phones with a text from the other, it’s good. Actually, it’s really good. You should be excited to see your partner. You should be excited to see one another all the time, because that’s what love does to you.

Mutual Uplifting Behavior

When you both take the time to show encouragement to one another by lifting each other up, it’s a really good sign. True love, a healthy relationship and lasting happiness come with uplifting behavior. You both want what’s best for the other – not what’s best for the other only if it’s what’s best for you.

You Want to Spend Time Together

This is the big one. When you both want to spend your time together, it’s a good thing. A healthy relationship is one in which both parties have more fun with one another than with anyone else. That’s not to say you need to stop spending solo time with your own friends and families, but when you’re longing for one another during those times, it’s a good sign.


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