Should You or Shouldn’t You Carry These Items in Your Handbag?


Handbags are an addiction for many women, but what we keep inside of them may or may not be all that wise. Of course, the bigger the bag the more “stuff” we tote around with us. Add kids to the mix and suddenly your handbag is less your own and more of a diaper bag filled with snacks, toys, wipes, diapers and any other baby item you can think of. However, there are a few things that should never (I mean NEVER) find their way into your handbag and some things that you should never be without (I mean, NEVER). Find out what they are.


You need three things in your bag at all times. You need a debit and/or credit card, some amount of emergency cash and at least one check. You never know when you’ll need to pay for a repair on a flat tire and need your card. You never know when you’ll be somewhere that doesn’t accept cards and you’ll need cash. You also never know when you’ll be somewhere and find out that your debit card is over your daily spending limit (most debit cards only allow you to use a maximum of $500 per day unless you request otherwise) and you’ll need a check.

Social Security Cards

Under no circumstance is it safe to carry this around with you. Take it out of your bag. Take your kids cards out of your handbag. Take your husband’s card out of your handbag. You do not ever, ever, ever want your social security card in your handbag. If someone were to get away with your bag, you’re practically handing them your personal information. You can cancel credit and debit cards and checks, but you can’t cancel your social security number.

Your License

You should always carry your license/identification card with you. You’ll need it on several occasions each day, even if you don’t plan on driving. You need it to prove your age, to prove your identity and even to use your debit and/or credit card in many stores.

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