Why Reading the Terms and Conditions is Important

Yes, I accept the terms and conditions I didn’t read because the print was smaller than my one-year-old’s fingernails and it was 576 pages long. But I still accept. We’re all guilty of not reading the terms and conditions on our user agreements from time to time. How many times have you read the terms and conditions when you update an app on your iPhone? None; exactly. While it’s not necessarily good and you shouldn’t do it, sometimes it’s okay to forgo that tedious detail. However, there are three instances in which you should always read the fine print. No matter how long it’s going to take you.

Free Trials

You just got something for free! Yes! It’s a great day! Or, maybe it’s not. Before you sign up for that six month subscription to your favorite channel (free of charge) read the fine print. Sometimes those free trials come with agreements to pay for an additional six months of the same subscription at an outlandish price, and there’s nothing you can do about that once you agree to the terms. Read them; you’ll thank me later.

Daily Deal Sites

A four night vacation in an all-inclusive Caribbean resort for two for $300? I’ll take two! Deal sites such as Living Social and Groupon are fantastic sources for great deals you couldn’t otherwise afford, but you absolutely have to read the fine print on each deal. In some cases, this trip is only valid for travel in a certain month, on certain days and for a certain type of room. Other times, the promotional value expires and you’re left with the paid for value, which is $300 toward a four night all-inclusive vacation, which doesn’t even pay for one night.

Returns and Exchanges

Before you buy that dress by that designer you’ve never worn in hopes that it will fit, read the return and exchange policy. It’s different at every store and for every item. Some items are not valid for return or exchange if they are on sale or clearance. Others can only be returned or exchanged in person rather than through the mail and other can only be returned or exchanged in a certain time frame.


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